Recently, I subscribed to such an awesome blogger and have fallen in love with her content. One of the most recent ideas I’ve seen that she’s taken on (for a couple years now) is her Christmas Pledge. Its basically a pledge for each day in November to get something done in preparation for the Holiday season to make sure that December is free from stress, scrambling, and last minute Christmas shenanigans, as much as possible of course. Here’s Karen’s version from The Art of Doing Stuff:

Today is November 9th, so I’m obviously late if I wanted to take on this daily pledge, but I’m not giving up. These first few task items (9 to be exact) are on my catch-up list for today, so good thing I’ve taken a personal day from work because I AM SO STRESSED.

I’ve taken Karen’s version of a get-your-sh*t-together list and made tweaks of my own, so here it is in all it’s busy glory:

My Christmas Pledge 2018

If that doesn’t get you excitedly motivated, I have no idea what will! I’m pumped, overwhelmed, and honestly already tired, but I’ll update you all this weekend on how far I’ve gotten and if I can even manage to catch up. Follow along on my Chrimah Pinterest board to see my ideas as they develop.

P.S. Read Karen’s blog!!

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