My Girls

I have never liked girls.

I mean, just in general. There are exceptions (like my two best friends), but I used to not stand the idea of hanging around women. There are several reasons I used to feel this way, but one prominent cause is my overbearing competitive spirit.

Especially coming into college with a ratio of 60% girls to 40% boys, I felt a pressure to perform as a woman. When it came to boys, classes, and even sports, I was now competing with the best in the world… Carolina girls.

Recently, after dealing with a series of hardships unique to women (a breakup, an unfaithful partner, and common sexism), I have made an effort to change my perspective. Honestly, I am among a large group of strong women, but I am one of these women.

At Carolina, I have started to look at my surroundings as a collaborative community of girls who can look out for each other and push each other past our limits. It has been a productive and promising change, and I hope to gain so much more from my new friends now that the competition is within myself with their help.

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