Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! I’m back!

Not too long ago, I decided that my obsessive short-term goal setting needed to take a back seat to some long term work towards my future. This simultaneously allowed me to make room for some in-the-moment presence and joy. This only works if…

Hello there. Today we will explore the depths of a great mind, a brilliant mind. The space within this mind flows with genius… JUST KIDDING. I’m going to show you my cubicle.

So, the photos I show you were taken today, in the middle of working, so (to me) it’s…

After refocusing my blog and posting about my wellness theme, I thought I’d get back to the Word of the Week this week, starting with the word that started it all: adventurous.




  1. willing to take risks or to try out new methods, ideas, or experiences.
  2. “let’s be adventurous”

Every dog is different. Every dog is different.

I repeat this sentence to myself as I once again leave my sweet boy Lou at home and drive off with Jackie, tongue wagging as we zoom to the dog park. You see, I hate separating them. Ever since taking the plunge…

Whitney Barker

blogger | photographer | adventurer

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