Monday Check-In
Megan Reynolds

Friday night, got dinner for boyfriend and me at our favorite Mexican restaurant ($24).

I purchased some more Lularoe ($53). I’m trying it out. I’m a tall person who isn’t particularly slim in the hip area, and finding leggings that fit is difficult. I went to some online multi-consultant sale. Lesson learned: best to buy from people you know. Looks like some of my claims (is that what you would call it?) aren’t going to go through/haven’t heard from the seller. That’s fine though, the stuff is pretty pricey.

Saturday, got my weekly breakfast bagel sandwich and coffee ($8.50) and filled my car with gas ($20). Cleaned my house and took two bags of stuff to the local thrift store along with all the plastic grocery store bags I had floating around my house. I was pretty knocked out from the week and took not one but two naps. Was pretty much a nice lazy day.

Sunday, went to church ($50 weekly giving). Got a burger at Culver’s ($5). Walked to the gym, worked out for an hour at the gym, walked back home. Probably my favorite time from the weekend, it was just so nice out! Cooked dinner at home and worked on my freelance work until bedtime.

Estimated: $158.50
Spent: $160.50, pretty close!

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