Monday Check-In
Nicole Dieker

Guys, I caved on my fall clothing cravings this weekend, which was not planned. I blame a $10 credit and too many 40 percent off sales emails. Sooo, $110 for new jeans (since one of my two pairs will likely need to be replaced soon), a fall/winter work dress, and a wrap around workout top that I think might work in a few actual work outfits as well. Items may be returned if they disappoint.

Friday: Went to the doctor($20) and found out I do NOT have mono. Hurray! Ate dinner at home ($0) and hung out with the boyfriend.

Saturday: Made it to the farmer’s market where I spent $10 on some locally sourced ground beef, bought my ritual Saturday iced coffee ($5), and stopped at my favorite bakery to pick up lunch for two plus tip ($12). Then ran by Kroger to buy a few groceries and items to make potluck dishes ($25) and filled up my car’s gas tank ($20).

Sunday: Bought aforementioned clothing online. Tithed at church ($100), which I forgot to include in my weekend estimate. Threw a spur of the moment debate watch party, so had to make a snack run ($23).

Bringing my total to $325, way over my $180 estimate.

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