How Much Do You Spend on Holiday Decorations?
Nicole Dieker

I use the same ones ever year: beautiful and very fragile vintage ornaments my grandparents gave me when they decided to stop decorating every year, all the ornaments my mom bought me (one for each year), an assortment of family inherited ornaments that include items I made as a child or featuring photos of my as an awkward pre-teen, a few I’ve bought for myself, and a string of lights that probably needs to be replaced after this year. I have enough ornaments to decide what I want my theme to be if I want one. Usually I just put up my favorites, and this year I’m going for only my favorites and having every guest at my apartment until Christmas pick one and put on the tree. I figure the fewer I use the fewer I have to hunt for when I take it all down.

I buy a real tree: $25 this year. I just love the smell.

I think wrapped presents count as decorations too. I usually have some sort of general color scheme in mind but I don’t buy paper to fit the theme, I base the theme on what I have. I usually buy a roll or two that I really like when it goes on clearance after Christmas.

Other than the tree and presents I have three tree type decorations I bought on clearance at Target when I worked there in college. I still like them (two of white feathers, one of burgundy fake berries) so I put them out if I feel up to it. I do buy candles this time of year and happened to purchase two this weekend that may have gotten left off my estimate post: $25 for two.

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