The Irony

The ironic part about what I’m about to share, is that those healthy fruits and vegetables that I’ve been eating, may have been the culprit for getting sick.

To say it’s been a rough couple of days would be an understatement. I’ve had diarrhea now for 11 days straight. I’m on 3 different antibiotics to try to fight whatever is making me sick. Yesterday my body completely shut down from dehydration and I was in bed pretty much from sun up to sun down. Today I went to the clinic to inform the nurse about my concern and before I could talk to her, Mami Lydia saw me and realized that I was still sick. She insisted that I be taken into town and get an IV. I got the IV put into my arm at the doctor’s office and came back to continue the liquids here in the clinic. I literally rode in a truck with a needle in one arm and my other arm extended above my head with the IV bag. 3 different medications were added to my IV and I slept through most of it. Once the IV was finished I came back up to the volunteer house where Mami Lydia had left me prepared soup and crackers. It was the first thing I had eaten all day. Now it’s later in the evening and I can feel the fluids back in my system. I feel human again. I’m praying that my upset stomach is healed so that I’m able to retain fluids. I have missed a total of three work days out of the 11 days I’ve been sick. The other days that I wasn’t at home resting, I went to work and pushed through. I actually felt okay some days, but my body was continuously losing fluids which eventually led me to crash Monday evening.

On another note I may have discovered a problem. My visa on my passport is only good through September 10th. Most U.S. visitors are awarded a 90-day stay. I was only awarded 29. This probably means I’ll have to go the capital which is $160 round trip. It also means that I may have to leave Honduras in early October rather than early December. I’m praying that when I talk to Andi tomorrow, she will have good news for me about the visa. I’m also praying that I wake up feeling healthy and ready to work. Days and weeks like these will help me to appreciate the good ones when they get here. I know this is where I am supposed to be, and that gives me peace.

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