Moody weather in Bull Run

Friday afternoon after a half day of work, we took off on our Surly's from my front door. Fully expecting to be thoroughly soaked, we were pleasantly surprised by moody and dramatic clouds.

Friday’s ride was anything but flat and the beloved Bull Run roads are an entirely different story while loaded up. Fall’s beauty is an exceptional distraction.

Christmas tree farms, approaching Mount Hood.

Oregon Trail!

Arrived in our cabin in the dark, and woke up to this peaceful porch.
Heading out of the cabin for day two.

Lolo Pass was stunning.

A happy anniversary.

Lolo Pass topped out at a Pacific Crest Trail intersection, and we rode NF18 to connect with Lost Lake Road. Miles of gravel, followed by the most gorgeous road I’ve ridden on.

Mount Hood and all of its beaming glory. This was moments before getting chased by a few small dogs, bearing their teeth. One actually bit my ankle and I felt anger towards all dogs for approximately one hour.

My goal for the day: eat an apple from the source.

Beer-distillery-fancy bar-sushi-ice cream cone celebration commenced. With Hot tub and hot shower intermission.

Wisdom found in our Hood River neighborhood.

A rain storm blew in and ate up Sunday’s 73 and sunny forecast. The 75 miles back to Portland seemed less than ideal, and we were fortunate to wind up with a car. Blessing in disguise? Our Rowena ride was infinitely more exciting than the westward route I’d done plenty of times. Plus, a leisurely morning and classic diner breakfast.
The Hood River to Mosier path, completely closed to cars
Gorge views the whole way.
Quick bike maintenance in apricot orchards
hi Lyle!