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Because I Didn’t Smile

“You haven’t smiled even once today,” he growls at me.
“Yes I have.”
“No…you haven’t.”
And I sulk some more.

Problems Cannot Survive in the Present

We had been under sail for the last hour, at meager speed, hugging Point Loma. Just as we passed the point and finally crossed over from San Diego Bay to the Pacific Ocean, we picked up a lot more wind and we were soaring. As the wind changed, so did the waves. Big rolling waves we hadn’t felt in a long time. It was glorious. Our bow was pointed due…

Because I Didn’t Smile

“You haven’t smiled even once today,” he growls at me.
“Yes I have.”
“No…you haven’t.”
And I sulk some more.

Things I’ll Never Do

And wound up doing

I’ll never ride my bike in the city streets.

I’ll never live below Canal Street.

I’ll never sing karaoke.

I’ll never speak in front of a crowd.

I’ll never run my own business.

I’ll never go on a diet.

Publications edited by Whitney Hess

Thoughts on developing understanding and respect for the people we work with every day.

Happy Birthday to Me

Stream of conscious reflections

Morning Pages in the afternoon. I’m sitting on the rocks facing west at Fort Zach, waves lapping against my feet…

A New Way to Be

Finding my spirituality. Doing yoga on the beach. Starting to meditate. Searching for retreats. Wondering about Buddhism. Reading about mindfulness and mindlessness. Eating better. Sleeping more. Waking up at the same time every day. Riding my bike. Spending less money on frivolous things. Spending more money on meaningful things. Making more money doing less. Enrolling in a…

The one thing you can do today to make the world a more peaceful place

Whether you work in an organization of 10 or 10,000, there is probably at least one person you’re particularly not fond of. You think they’re loud and opinionated, or lazy and irresponsible, melodramatic or insensitive, too silly or too serious. You avoid them in the hallways and elevators. You cringe when they…

My Natural Next Step: Becoming a Coach

My journey through user experience to executive coaching

My life’s mission is to put humanity back into business. As a user experience consultant, guiding technology companies on how to make their products easier and more pleasurable to use, I get to work towards this every day. But I’ve come to realize that user

Speak and Be Seen

My mom loves to tell a story about when she and my dad came to see me in a play at day camp. I was six.

I had the very important job of carrying title cards from stage-left to stage-right, which depicted time passing between scenes. It wasn’t exactly a leading role, but my parents were filled with the same pride as all the other parents in the audience…

I’m Going Home

On finding a place where I belong

Home. The last year of my life has been an exploration of that word. I came to a point where I finally had to admit that I no longer felt at home, in my home, in my city.

And in a search for a new home, I had to admit that I no longer felt at home in my work either.

We Don’t Know Anything

Assumptions are easy. Ambiguity is hard.

We don’t know. We believe we know. Our experiences, education, instincts and values all add up to our beliefs. They also include assumptions and misperceptions and past truths. We believe something once and then we “know” it forever, because that’s easier than always having to ask.