Quit Quiting

In the video below that I filmed approximately 2 years ago, I was toying with the idea of quitting, and closing down FemmeNoire.

It was an emotionally devastating proposition. It didn’t sit well with my soul, and my gut told me it wasn’t the right choice for me. The fact is I had an emotional reaction to a number of things I that had been happening around the same time and began associating those failures as a reason to dismiss something else I was also afraid of failing at…FemmeNoire.

So let me elaborate. An off-and-on relationship that I’d been holding onto for 7 years had finally gone terribly sour and I was fed up with the 7 years I had wasted pinning for someone to value my presence the way I knew I deserved. …

Why our StartUp isn’t raising Funds

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When me and my business partner started FemmeNoire International two years ago we were two starry eyed, optimistic young women.

We’d read every book and article about entrepreneurship we could get our hands on. Techcrunch, Forbes, Bloomberg, and Y-Combinator, and similar outlets became institutions we not only venerated for their prestige but the information they so freely disclosed on a regular basis to our shared email inbox. …

Broken by Gratitude

I wait expectantly with baited breath to see that moment in people’s eyes…that moment when they are shaken to their core, when their masks fall away, and all that is left is the beautiful contorted face of gratitude, but as seconds tick by it proves to be as elusive as water in a drought.

As the gift exchanging frenzy begins I wonder how many empty and lonely people plaster false smiles as they greet their friends, family, and co-workers.

The merriment and proclaimed good tidings ring hollow in the face of the fact that somewhere in this world someone is suffering. I mean we only need to flip our channel to the news to see the horrors of what is happening in Aleppo and in Chicago to understand that suffering happens both near and far. …


Whitney Lubin

Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, Writer, YouTuber, and recovering undercover overlover. www.WhitneyLubin.com

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