If You’re Reading This, The Rain Made Me Write It.

1 in every 25 Americans doesn’t have a concious. Statistically that’s really quite a lot, and I happen to not be one of those people.

Knowing that I’ve lived with more than one of these concious-less people, I almost envy them. Wouldn’t it be nice to do anything and everything and not have a care in the world about it? Actually, I don’t think it would.

Emotions can really disappoint, and give a person a swift kick in the butt. But aren’t those emotions what make us who we are? Giving us our being of self. It’s always easy to tell quite a bit about a person by the way that they handle dealing with those emotions. Seeing someone express how they feel in an easy manor is like saying “hey, I’m genuine. I’m raw” The most beautiful thing is when people can be themselves.

Rain tends to make me quite emotional, in many different ways (it’s raining at the moment). How do you describe rain? I would describe it as.. the most beautifully, erie, comforting thing in the world. It lights up my soul, while giving me a different perspective on things. I look at it, and I feel bliss. At the same time, I feel as if something is missing. Perhaps it’s a cup of tea, or a cat perched on the window ledge, or maybe it’s even a person. What I do know, is that a rainy day is my perfect day. Sure, I’m thinking too much, and caring too much about something as simple as rain. Many people in fact, hate the rain. But as for me, I love it. And I love that about myself. That I can admire it, and it truly brings me joy. Not in a dark depressing way as everyone seems to think, but in an appreciative way.

Rain is simple, and it is beautiful. It reminds me that I believe in extraordinary things. Like love, and genuine people.

Hey, thanks rain. You make my day brighter than sunshine.

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