EXO Kai Walks Us Through a New Era to the KAI era

“I saw Kai dancing barefoot he’s the only idol I found myself saying so cool & amazing” — Kahi

Everything you do is part of a performance. It is simply not just the dimensions of dance and singing, but everything together is sewed together into a performance. EXO’s and, now, soloist KAI exhibits the full notion of performance with the most excellence.

A New Era

Kpop has become extremely popular internationally over the past decade. The style of performance within kpop has changed as well. When South Korean boy group EXO debuted, they all offered something to the kpop scene. The second youngest member, KAI, introduced something fresh to the table. His first memory, dance. At the time, Kpop dancers focused on particular styles of dance. Despite having a range of dancers, KAI was the one who stood out. He was one of the few, if not the only one, who brought ballet and contemporary styles. From debut, he revamped performance in the industry.

Kai had it all. He just needed confidence during earlier years. He was shy, he was able to mask it will but compare to now, his energy is more, he has even more charisma. You can see he is more confident as he brings out the best performance.

Over the years, Kai has become the standard, this is very humble to write. Idols, seniors and juniors, love his performance throughout his whole career. Successful and influential names like BoA, Kahi, and so on recognize this. They loved to watch him or be able to perform like him. The answer is always Kai.

His Complexion

Kai has been subjected to colorism his whole life. Of course he is been subjected to racism as well as Kpop grew internationally, before it fully became mainstream. EXO has been in comparison with western music acts and white artists like One Direction and Justin Bieber. But Kai, also, has been subjected to colorism in his very home country. Kai’s confidence in himself could have been completely shattered if he listened to colorist remarks from those around him. Instead, he found confidence in his own skin. South Korea, just like majority of the world, idealize Eurocentric features. Kai does not have those kind of features, but he remains one of the most handsome. He continues to embrace that he has beautiful skin as he carefully chooses who he works with and shuts down colorist commentary. Kai’s golden complexion is one of the things that makes him Kai.

He Is the Concept

One of Kai’s specialities is being the master of embodying the concept. He is taking on the concept to its max. You look at him, and he is like the perfect puzzle piece. He makes the concept come alive. NCT’s Mark Lee, Kai’s junior and SuperM group-mate, said that Kai was able to embody the concept the best, in a way only he could do it.

Not only Mark is able to see the beauty in Kai’s performance but countless of others. In EXO’s 2019 comeback, Kai had one photo card that some said looked scary. That made it even better. EXO’s concept for their album Obsession was meant to be dark. Kai embodied that darkness that not everyone in industry can achieve. Kai isn’t simply going as the concept, but he is the concept. The concept is him. They are synonymous to each other.

KAI and Embodiment

As stated before, performance is beyond the dimensions of singing and dancing. You have to embody the whole concept. People can sing or dance but does it show you the concept, the full performance? Take broadway musicals or even other big names within the international music industry. Their whole presence is a performance, to the very detail. Kai is very detail-oriented. He takes into the details of an performance whether it is for an album or a photoshoot. It is always the very details that matter. It makes everything different — the energy, the vibe. To the simplest detail such as Kai’s gaze, he is able to fully embody a full performance with his body and soul. World-class performer, Kai, is not up for comparisons. KAI is beyond Kpop, and to be quite frank, the industry does not even deserve such brilliance. This is what makes Kai different from everyone else.

KAI and His Voice

For KAI, to be a successful and satisfied artist he knows that he has to give a full performance. Kai was not born a singer, he had potential but was not born a singer like he was born a dancer. Kai put in the work, to improve his vocals, and it is evident if you pay attention carefully. Thankfully, his fans love to emphasize this improvement, and it will be acknowledged. In this video, it shows you Kai’s improvement as a singer. And this is not even including EXO’s most recent album which his voice is really soothing to the ears in tracks like “Groove”, “Baby You Are”, “Jekyll”, and so on. EXO’s Obsession is one of EXO’s albums where you hear more of Kai’s singing.

Kai has a couple songs of his own where you can hear his lovely voice such as “I See You” and “Spoiler”.

The KAI era

SM entertainment has, finally, released Kai’s self titled album KAI which is made to be released on November 30th. To the very detail of just one tease, Kai exhibits a high level of genius. In his teaser, he shows something simplistic that makes us all wonder what is beyond this one teaser. He is a person who does not want to imitate. He likes originality. In an industry that can be over saturation, it is anticipated that KAI will bring freshness as he did when he debuted as one of EXO’s main dancers. The KAI era has begun.




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