If you are a French Bulldog owner, it is almost like you are in a cult. Some people have very particular preferences such as only staying at a Hilton hotel while traveling, or only buying a certain brand of clothing. French Bulldogs are no different. For most, once you go Frenchie, you never go back. To say French Bulldogs are of a different breed is putting it lightly. My family has been dog owners our whole lives. In fact, my dad used to breed Labrador Retrievers as professional hunting dogs so he is very familiar with normal behaviors of dogs. Even he is amazed every day by our families Frenchie. For starters, French Bulldogs have a very unique, distinct look. Their ears are permanently pointy, their faces are flat and they typically have a very athletic, stocky body. Although French Bulldogs are able to become AKC certified, they are a man-made breed. Because of this, they can be more prone to health issues. Of these health issues, breathing can be the most prominent. Our French Bulldog Boudan, for example, under went a “nose job” as we like to call it. The procedure is very common among French Bulldogs and basically consists of cauterizing the nostril canals to allow for more airway space to enhance their breathing and quality of life. This procedure can be costly but is also pretty necessary is some cases. French Bulldogs also have a very unique way of playing. They tend to jump around like little bunny rabbits, which is pretty fitting considering the big ears they have. Some other facts you may not know about Frenchies is that their diet needs to be gluten free, the snorting pig-like sound they make while breathing is normal, and they are thought to be a mix of English Bulldogs, Pugs and terriers. Although French Bulldogs can be high maintainance at times, they are the most loving, hilarious, and interesting dogs you will ever encounter.

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