Hello there, World

Hello, my name is Whitney Jackson and I am, quite honestly, from all over. Originally born in Winnipeg, Manitoba I moved with my family at a young age to the small, svelte town of North Branch, Minnesota. Upon graduating in 2011 and after completing a year of college near my home, our family moved to the beautiful and cool northland of International Falls, MN. After completing another year of schooling to obtain my Associate’s Degree, I transferred to Bemidji State University, a simple and scenic drive only two hours from International Falls. While this is already my third year at BSU, I am itching to travel and breathe the air of new places after graduation. Prior to beginning college, I have traveled to and from the small towns of Elk River, MN where my grandparents reside, to New Town, North Dakota, where my brother once lived. I’ve been to the clear blue Mediterranean Sea when I visited France and Morocco on a class trip, sat on the burning hot sand on the beaches of Virginia Beach, VA, visited a volcano in Hawaii, stood in the drizzly rain in Ketchikan, Alaska, played tennis on a beaten court in Chicago, Illinois, and ridden on a motorcycle in Seattle, Washington. With all of these places, I have gained a plethora of experience, which I only hope to expand upon graduating from Bemidji State University this coming spring. With a double major in English and Creative and Professional Writing, and a double minor in Electronic Writing and Psychology, I can only become more and more incredibly excited and giddy at the experiences to come. As Editor-in-Chief of The Northern Student, BSU’s on-campus magazine, I have been able to write about the experiences of those around me and in this life, I vow to never stop learning.

My backyard in International Falls, MN.

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