In search of Nirvana and India and all the adventures that happen while on the way.

Two weeks in and I think I can write a novel on all the cultural differences and nuances I have picked up in this amazing country. India is a different breed. I have traveled and had the chance to experience various different cultures but nothing can prepare you for India. Some things I was prepared for (i.e. no rules driving, heat, animals) but there are things you just must experience for yourself and take in for yourself, especially food poisoning—there is no way to avoid it!

The plane ride from Dubai was my first contact with Indian culture. It was…

Where the West meets the Middle East

Caution!! First time blogger.

I usually keep a travel journal but figured this time it might be good to share my experience as well as hopefully get some insight on my travels as I write. In the next coming months, I will be encountered with challenges and experiences that could possibly change my direction in life professionally and personally.

First it might be good to provide some background. I grew up as the typical American girl from the hot desert of Arizona who began her international education and experiences at the age of 16. I was very fortunate and had…

Whitney Hollis

Sustainability professional who is passionate about creating shared value and finding entrepreneurial solutions to solving world problems.

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