Why Feminine Energy is Kryptonite for Men

This topic has always intrigued me. Men tend to like soft, feminine women. And women are often drawn to a bit more rough, Alpha-male typed man. This goes waaay back to pre-historic times and has a lot to do with procreation. This yin and yang attraction is somewhat ingrained in us through biology. The times may have changed, but our biology has yet to catch up.

Women are getting more and more masculine in today’s society. Mainly American society. Many other countries still adhere to traditional gender roles.The balance has been thrown off a bit by the vast changes in our society and a feminist movement, which ironically is anything but feminine but rather idolizing an I can do it all myself mentality. I am not knocking feminists. That’s not what this article is about. But ladies, you can’t argue with science. Research has shown over and over and over again — feminine attracts masculine. And if you want that hot shot alpha male in your life, you need to keep that in mind. Mainly American society. Many other countries still adhere to tradition gender roles.

So lets take a look at some research. Although the biology of attraction is mysterious and not fully understood, we do know some things.

1. Smell

Scientists have found that a man’s smell provides a woman with information about his major histocompatibility complex (MHC) genes, which play an important role in immune system function. As the thinking goes, women prefer men whose MHC genes differ from their own because children with more varied MHC profiles are more likely to have healthy immune systems — which makes a whole lot of sense from an evolutionary perspective.

2. Your Body

Men do in instant reproductive assesment without even realizing it. Your waist to hip ratio is a good child bearing cue. Men are attracted to a noticeable ratio because it is a sign of fertility according to scientists. 7:10 is commonly pleasing. He thinks — those hips can carry my babies! Soft skin is also a turn on.

A higher pitched voice has also been shown to increase attraction as it signifys a feminine body and it associated with gentleness and softness, which is also appealing to men. They want the yin to their yang. Opposites attract.

Shiny and healthy hair, is another sign of fertility and health.

Your smile. White teeth equals health. Again, more healthy babies.

Height. One (incredibly thorough) 2010 analysis conducted by experts at The University of New South Wales in Sydney — titled “Much More Than a Ratio: Multivariate Selection on Female Bodies” — showed that although factors such as waist-to-hip ratio and bust size affect how men perceive women, they don’t tell the whole story. Taller women were rated as more attractive, but — at least evolutionarily speaking — men aren’t necessarily after willowy, runway-ready figures. The men surveyed preferred women with legs that were proportionate in length to their height. — info from a Redbook article

Boobies. No shocker here. Studies show men prefer bigger breasts. They are also a child bearing cue. One study showed men’s eyes to linger longer here. But the waist ratio trumps the boobies. Boobs were the second most noticed physical trait however.

Research also showed that women with more feminine dainty-like faces attracted men with higher levels of testosterone. Don’t have a feminine face? No worries. That was just for the men with high levels of testosterone. There’s someone for everyone. This same research also showed that our level of attraction to people can fluctuate with the level of our testosterone.

3. Your Grooming skills

Noticeable features like how people groom themselves and posture were shown to be just as important as fixed features like height. The reason: Evidence of self-care signals to others that you’re healthy and strong, making you a good reproductive partner. — In a 1997 study published in the journal Current Psychology

Taking good care of your appearance means you are going to take good care of him and your children. It also shows class and mean are attracted to classy.

4. Responsiveness

Studies also show that women who show more empathy or emotional response to their men in the early stages of dating, were considered more feminine and therefore more attractive. It shows that you will be loving and supportive when hard times inevitably arise. Complacency is not attractive, turns out.

5. Symmetry

This one actually applies to both men and women. People who are symettical in thier face and body attract more of the opposite sex. Some places even study symetry and claim they can can gauge beauty off of it on a scale. A little too invasive if you ask me. The reason for this is a symettical body is another indicator of healthy and fertility. She has a nice even face, healthy babies here we come!

6. Personality Traits

But what about how a woman acts and talks? It can’t all be about looks is it? Well, sadly, lol, mostly — yes, it is. It’s animalistic in nature, attraction. And we are talking about that initial attraction. Many people can be attracted at first to a woman and then lose it over time when they see their lifestyles don’t match up or they have stark personalities that clash.

But research does show that intelligence plays a key. Men are strongly drawn to smart women for the same reason they are drawn to feminine bodies, it is a sign she will be smart enough to take good care of his children.

There was a strong preference for Sanguine Stable Extraverts who are classed as easygoing, responsive, and lively, and an avoidance of Melancholic Unstable Introvertsclassified as anxious, rigid and reserved. — research from Adrian Furnham PhD for Psychology today

So more open, easy-going women are considered more attractive according to this study. Someone rigid and cold isn’t going to be loving and nurturing to him and his children, which he needs to balance off his inability to be this way. A warm and loving woman conveys a nurturing mother.

People want to knock gender roles and tell everyone to be themselves. I am not here to argue that. I simply wanted to present the facts. Science shows us feminine women are more desired statistically.

You be you 100%, but if your desire is to attract a more masculine type of guy, consider getting in touch which your feminine side.

Highlight what you do have that is feminine. A strong Alpha male can be sexy as hell! He’s going to want his opposite though. It’s easy to fall into the mentality of I can do it all myself, but this doesn't afford him to opportunity for him to feel masculine, and it can actually end up being a turn off.

So maybe you CAN reach that bowl on the top shelf in the kitchen. Girl, just let him do it. He will feel amazing helping you out. Vulnerability doesn’t equal weakness, it shows your strength because it means you are willing to accept help and be part of a team and asking for help and being receptive towards a man shows femininity, which science has shown over and over to be largely attractive.

Whitney Virginia Morgan

Written by

freelance writer l English lit major l blogger l poet I student of life Email: whitvmo@gmail.com

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