Working in a Coffee Kiosk placed in a Drama-filled location and how it wildly entertains me

I love my job. I work by myself. No one bothers me. I can read, I can mess around on the company iPad. I must say it is pretty sweet. Granted, it’s nothing fancy. I work in a coffee shop, but I make just as much money as any waitress would and with doing half the work! Now that’s just smart business in my opinion. Less amount of work for same amount of pay. At first, when my boss told me he wanted me to work over in our third location, a small kiosk in our city’s Judicial courthouse, I was slightly upset. I thought I’d be lonely and bored. But quite the contrary has happened! I’ve made friends with lots of Cops, lawyers, and even some Judges. It’s been entertaining and fun. The other day I watched a man get pinned to the ground by three cops right in front of me. It was pretty hilarious. He was mad about having to take his hat off. lol. What an idiot. I later learned he was high on meth. Then today I got asked out by a Cop. He wasn’t my type and I said no, but it entertained me none the less. I made a crying four year old a smoothie and watched the tears melt away and a mom breathe a long sigh of appreciative relief. I watched a mom sit down at a table nearby, her eyes brimming with tears. A drunk driver killed her husband and she was here to testify. Another young man, sullen with grief. His wife is leaving him and there’s “nothing I can say to change her mind.” His coffee was on me. There is so much pain in this building. I pray I can help spread some love even if it’s small. A kind word or smile is the only positive thing someone might see in an entire day. I’m not perfect. I have my down moods too, but I try.

These are the kinds of things I see working in a coffee shop kiosk on the family law floor of a courthouse. There’s only 5 things a person can be in there for: a divorce, custody issues, DWIs, restraining orders, or eviction dealings. People are either super pissed or super happy when they walk up to me. Lol. There’s not much room for in-between. After all, a ruling can only go one of two ways-in your favor or not. It’s pretty entertaining, not gonna lie. It’s like I have front row seats to COPS everyday, all whilst sipping on a free late. Not such a bad deal after all. I consider myself a student of life. And what better place to learn and observe than here. I have endless writing material in this place. I’ve also observed that people are emotional buyers. Super down over your how your hearing went down? You buy something. Super happy with how it turned out? You buy something. Humans are funny.

I enjoy working in the coffee kiosk for different reasons, but mostly because I find it intriguing. A building that connects so many different people from so many different walks of life. Think it’s just the poor kid that lives down the road here for drug court? Think again. I've seen fancy lawyers here for the same thing. The only time I truly hate it, is when it’s deathly slow, which usually happens around holidays. I like it here. Front stage seat for studying human behavior.