I am sorry, but you are wrong.
Falconius Azurius

You brought up an interesting point, you can’t always know what people’s intentions are. Rape happens to women who are scantily dressed and it happens to old women dressed in a conservative manner. I understand you don’t think you are victim blaming, but you are. The way a person is dressed has never prevented rape, ask the women in the middle east who dressed according to Islamic norms. The fact that you associate a style of dress as “advertising” is part of the problem. It doesn’t matter how a person is dressed no one has the right to violate them. I see men walking around shirtless, which is clearly meant to draw attention to their bodies, and no one bats an eye or complains that they deserve to be assaulted. If I can manage to go about my day-to-day without sexually assaulting someone so can men.

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