We Pulled Off the Ultimate Surprise Wedding!

I’m excited to share that Carl and I got married this weekend. We were able to pull off a surprise wedding and here’s why we did it:

We wanted this to be about our union, not about the day.

People spend so many months planning for their wedding. I see too many friends stress out about chair types (I still don’t know what a Chiavari is), flower arrangements, and guest list curation. We hoped that keeping it casual would allow us to focus on the people around us rather than the products around us.

We didn’t want people going out of their way.

We probably have 10 weddings to go to this year — some will cost us thousands of dollars when you include bachelor/ette parties & showers, travel arrangements & wedding gifts. We simply wanted to share the happiest day with the people who mean the most to us.

This is totally “us.”

If you were to describe Carl and me, we are fun, spontaneous, and love to think outside-the-cube. That’s exactly what we wanted this day to be about. Our style…our Haitianese flavor…with the people who matter most.

Here’s how we did it:

We only gave ourselves a month.

On February 9th, we decided to see if this crazy idea was feasible. It was hectic, but we called Chaya (restaurant we love), Black Hammer (drinks we love), and Point Cavallo (scenery we love) — and all were available on March 12.

We told everyone it was an engagement party.

Our immediate families found out the night before via a game of charades. It took about 2 minutes for one person to guess “tomorrow” and another person to guess “wedding.” We had to stop the game and explain. 30 people were a part of the ceremony and dinner, and then the 150 waiting at Black Hammer were surprised on the spot. Right after they yelled surprise at us, we (through the microphone) surprised them right back.

We spent time & money where it mattered most.

After going into a wedding dress shop, it’s easy to get swept up by a much shinier, poofier, expensive wedding dress. However, I stuck to my guns and my morals — I’d only be wearing the dress for a few hours. On the flip side, we spent hours on end writing hand-written scrolls to each of our 30 attendees, and created a pamphlet (that took forever to format) of all of our guests to include mini-bios.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

Sure, I’ll probably have FOMO when I attend awesome weddings in the future. Sure, I wish we told people the truth so some of my besties could have made it. But to be married to the love of my life, and in our own style? #WorthIt

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