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There’s too many facts and data but so barely any time to even show you all of the ways women have been mistreated. Feminism is the movement for equal rights, not saying men are lesser than us. Not to even talk about society as a whole and rape culture. Men can get raped as well but but most of the victims that even do come forward are female. Since you want to talk about a majority of men being homeless (completely having no correlation with this topic) do you also want to talk about how majority of school shooters, murders, criminals are men? Or is that something you’d like to avoid?

More men are in combat because women are seen as unfit.

More men have workplace injuries because women are seen as unfit for jobs that are labor intensive.

To every dollar a man earns a woman earns 77 cents, FOR THE SAME LABOR.

Women get killed everyday because men raped them. Women are seen as disposable and objects in today’s world. Kill all men is not an actual thing. Good try though.

There is no such thing as Men’s rights because men’s rights has been honored for centuries.

White straight men are not oppressed in any way shape or form. Of course the natural reaction is for you to become defensive when someone else who’s not male would want equality. Victimization. Classic.

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