• Henrique Mota

    Henrique Mota

    Full-stack, go, php, javascript, java, elixir, nodeJs software engineer with almost a decade of experience.

  • Abhimanyu Kumar Raghuvansh

    Abhimanyu Kumar Raghuvansh

    Love to write technical blog

  • Anirudh Baskaran

    Anirudh Baskaran

  • James Ewen

    James Ewen

    Marketing manager @ Tamoco. www.tamoco.com

  • Vivek Kumar Singh

    Vivek Kumar Singh

    Contributor@OpenFaaS, Gopher, Pythonista. https://blog.viveksyngh.xyz/

  • Lance Ng

    Lance Ng

    Content | Technology | Entrepreneurship πŸ”— www.linkedin.com/in/lancengym/

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