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I have been wrestling with this question for a long time now. In fact, from the moment of my first query to our own enterprise assistant platform, I am not exactly sure what I was expecting when I first typed, “Who is your creator?”, but it kicked off an effort to make our platform better and more usable over the past year and a half. For many months, it seemed like we spent all of our time developing to have a human-like personality, characteristics, and responses.

At one point, I finally purchased an Alexa powered Echo Show from Amazon. I thought I could keep it at my work desk to query every now and then just to see how engineers at Amazon were handling the personality issue. After the initial honeymoon period with Alexa, I began to realize that most of the human-like characteristics got incredibly annoying because they made me have higher expectations of Alexa’s human-like capabilities. How many of you want to throw your Alexa out the window when you have received the “Hmm… I don’t know that one!” response for the tenth time? …


Aaron Carlock