Common Objective’s current landing page for members: a dashboard with personalised content


In this client project, we as a team of four UX design students were invited to improve Common Objective’s current website in terms…


In an era of mobile fitness tracking, there is no lacking of mobile devices that help you keep track of different health indicators. In this scenario, Boots Pharmacy saw the opportunity to enter the health/fitness tracking sector, so that it can redirect old and new customers alike to the wide…


In this concept project, I designed in order to bring a local grocery store online by creating a brand new e-commerce website for it. The client — Sunshine Foods, is a next-door grocery that takes pride in its curated inventory, all hand-picked by their knowledgeable staff. The brand emphasises on…


In this exercise, I designed a mobile app — 4Hikers for my client David. The app is a simple planning and recording journal, targeted for hiking enthusiasts. …

Louie Wai Hang

UX Designer based in London, previously worked in retail training and marketing. Lover of museums and heritage, video games and cats.

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