Don’t ever diss Kyrgyzstan’s national dish.

Since last week we discovered four new elements, Gambia made it illegal to do horrible things to female genitals and Saudi Arabia and Iran got a diplomatic divorce. Continue to see our picture of the week and read what else happened last week.

  • Diplomatic divorce Saudi Arabia and Iran are officially breaking up with each other, with Saudi saying ‘It’s not me, it’s you’ in the most diplomatic way possible. This doesn’t come as a surprise if you take the preceding chain of events into consideration: first, Saudi Arabia executed prominent Shia Muslim cleric Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr and 46 others on Saturday. A day later, demonstrators in Iran (a Shia Muslim country) were so angry that they burned down the Saudi embassy in Tehran (video). All the diplomats must leave within 48 hours now.
  • Science, *uck yeah! A U.S.-Russian collabo found elements 113, 115, 116 and 117. The seventh row of the periodic table is officially full. Also, element 113 will be the first element discovered and named by researches in Asia. They’re so excited that they’re having trouble finding a name: Japonium, Rikenium or Nishinanium (after Yoshio Nishina, the founding father of modern physics research in Japan). To those asking ‘what now?’. Well, theoretically, there’s a bunch of elements yet to be discovered but have Neil deGrasse Tyson explain why this news is still amazing.
  • Knowledge is power Europe was full of new education projects. Well, for one, Germany recruited 8,500 teachers to teach German to 196,000 child refugees. Then, more than 31,000 people have signed an Italian porn star’s petition (sign here) for sex education to be taught in Italian schools. And just as Greece gave its same-sex couples the right to be in a civil partnership with one another and the powerful Orthodox Church went cray, a bishop told believers that ‘homosexuals, like all humans, are a creation of God and they deserve the same respect and honor’. Preach.
  • ‘You’re welcome’ According to a New American Economy report last week, 18% of all Fortune 500 companies were founded by immigrants. (Tweet this to Mr. Donald Trump.) That number rises to 41% if you take into account entrepreneurs with immigrant parents. And these companies generate $4.2 trillion in revenue and provide over 10 million jobs in the US. That’s, like, roughly the entire population of the state of Georgia.
  • Let’s talk about female genitals Gambian lawmakers made female circumcision illegal and told everyone ‘y’all going to prison for three years if you don’t take this ban seriously’. This comes one month after President Yahya Jammeh said ‘this is outdated af’. Why? Because the practice involves cutting off the labia and clitoris of women. Good for Gambia. President Yahya’s 2007 alleged herbal cure for AIDS may not have been the most effective, but we think banning female genital mutilation is what DJ Khaled would call a ‘major key to success’.

Picture of the week

This photograph of a Manchester street on New Year’s Eve hasgone viral because… it looks like a Renaissance masterpiece. Why? Well, look at the composition. The Internet responded with a few renditions of the picture, turning it into a modern masterpiece. Like this, this or this.

On a funny note…

A Scottish mine worker has reportedly been arrested in Kyrgyzstan, after comparing its national dish to a horse’s penis on Facebook. That’s not the joke. The national dish looks like this. That’s the joke. He now faces up to five years in prison.

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