Our love feels like the licking & lacquering sea foam meeting the shores a lingering kiss.

Like whispering into your gentle mind, how can I love you today?

How can I follow you into your frustration?

To see your frustration as mine too, how did I accelerate it? What are you struggling with that I am too?

How might I find myself trying to remain open and defensive at the same time?

Do I respond to you as my parents have responded to me?

But how we love each other deeply.

I tend to this love, it is still only a sprout. I can feel us both looking out into the sun, at all the magic happening and just soaking in That.


ally ♥



ally ♥

Something has traveled with me through troubled years. I write to hear from a swallowed self, rooted imaginations, & an inner world I explore somewhere in love.