Digital Revolution

Smartphones inception made things simpler. You’ve Skype, If you want to talk to someone. You’ve Facebook, If you want to know the updates of your friends. You’ve WhatsApp, if you want to chat instantly with someone. You’ve games, when you feel alone.

People even update when they Feel sad / ecstatic / confused on Facebook.

In this digital era, people actually forgot to talk on real with others. When was the last time you’ve had a great laugh? Was it Watching cartoons or some funny videos? I’d say, I’ve had many laughs when I was around with people.

People running behind earning money forgetting about the surroundings. It’s alright at this age to earn money, who’s gonna be there at your 60’s? The money you earned or the home you bought.

Stop picking a bottle alone when you are sad, call up your friend and have along. Feeling happy, share with your friends.

Don’t teach your kids about technology only teach about humanity too.

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