Aventine at Forest Lakes

Aventine at Forest Lakes

Aventine at Forest Lakes — Apartment Homes

My wife, Rebekah, is 20 weeks pregnant. This is an unacceptable living condition for a pregnant lady to be around or stay at! These pictures were taken on 5/16/2017 and we moved in on 4/25/2017.

Aventine at Forest Lakes’ — Guest Bathroom

Aventine at Forest Lakes’ Kitchen

This is our kitchen! We found out the mess under the stove on 5/15/2017 and couldn’t figure out why the ants were going in there.

This is our garbage disposal! Be sure you turn on your sound!

Aventine at Forest Lakes’ Hot Water Heater

This is our hot water heater in our laundry room. Doesn’t look too safe! It could fall anytime on top of our dryer!

Aventine at Forest Lakes’ Air Conditioner

This is our A/C Unit and we have been told by Micheal the maintenance supervisor that it’s clean! The day we moved in, a friend of mine took down the panel off the A/C unit and showed me the filter was never changed! The dust was beyond thick that you can’t see the coil. We point that out to one of the maintenance and he cleaned it right away because I asked him to do it since my wife is allergic to dust.

Aventine at Forest Lakes

Some of our windows sealants were worn out or don’t have any sealants on it! No wonder why some previous tenants complain that their A/C bills are over $300 a month! You’re welcome, Christopher!

I have tried to talk to the property manager several times and even had an interpreter with me once and she denied my visitation. Tammy would be willing to talk to Rebekah over the phone or in person. I have tried to talk to her about 5 times. For the first time, she finally emailed me! You can see the work order below that it’s still pending and have not been done!

Aventine at Forest Lakes
Aventine at Forest Lakes

We used to live in Bridgeview Apartment for the last 4 years and the entire staff there are WONDERFUL! Our biggest regret is moving away as much as we don’t like living in Tampa. We have NEVER had any issues with Bridgeview! When we have a request that needs to be done, it gets done right away! Aventine at Forest Lakes hasn’t worked on our apartment as promised!

You can see one of the emails was being ignored and still haven’t answered back. They are open from 9 am to 6 pm every day including Sunday.

When I talked to Julie in person on Monday. She told me the apartment will be ready at 11 am and they are just cleaning up. I asked if she saw the apartment and how does it look. She said it looks great! We never had a tour of the apartment and we never got the chance to do a walk-through with Julie. Julie sent a temporary employee to meet me at the apartment. I was able to go into the apartment without the key even tho the deadbolt was engaged. The temporary employee looked at the apartment and told us, this apartment is not ready. They promised us that it would be ready! I had a friend from the east side of Florida to help me move a 75-gallon plus 40-gallon fish tanks. 8 men from the different part of Florida to help with the move on Wednesday. Rebekah and Micheal have come to an agreement that Micheal will have the apartment in livable condition by Friday. The only thing was done was the bathroom kickboard and master’s bathroom. After Friday, nothing was done! Tammy was on the phone with Rebekah and telling her that the maintenance guys was there all morning working on the apartment. Well, I happened to be home all day and not a single maintenance guy has come over to work on the apartment.

Bottom line about this apartment, if you’re going to have staff there then they need to treat these homes like they would live in it! Not just to collect the paycheck!

By the way, Bridgeview was built in early 1970’s and they are in a much better condition than Aventine at Forest Lakes.

The owner of Aventine of Forest Lake would be Pacifica Companies and their number is (619) 296–9000. I don’t think they are aware of this situation! Residents and former residents, call Pacifica Companies to let them know your frustration with Aventine at Forest Lakes!

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