Whodiniz — Escape The Madness

Album Art

Escape the Madness is and album that has been sitting on the shelf since i moved from London to Dorset.

It captivates the drama and hassle of moving from one place to another, the unhappy guy who’s only redemption is music, working in a job he no longer likes, his changing surroundings, Living in a place that has changed since he grew up. only to be set free in unfamiliar land, Time will tell if this has been the right decision.

Yes, this is an instrumental album, you might be thinking how do you get all that from just music.

Think of this as an art installment and i have just just set the scene for my installment.

Dealing with health issues, starting a new job is not at all easy, and throw a family into the mix you have a lot of weight on your shoulders, nevertheless music is a expressive extension of my emotion, i try to put feeling, mood, and soul into it.

It took quite a long time to make and even longer to set free on to this world but its honest and genuine.