4 Albums That Shaped Who I Am Today

For those who know me know, I’m a huge film buff. Some people wouldn’t know it but I am also a music buff. Music keeps me sane. Music also keeps me motivated. It keeps me from lashing out. My collection very eclectic. It’s filled with the likes of Bruce Springsteen, The Wu-Tang Clan, Van Halen and more.

I wanted to write about the 4 albums that truly shaped who I am today. These records are tip top from front to back. The memories attached to these albums are deeply entrenched in my soul. In writing this, I hope you go and listen to these and find the beauty in the songs that inspire me every day.

Frank Turner: England Keep My Bones

1. Frank Turner: England Keep My Bones

I discovered the English singer/songwriter when I lived in Philadelpia. This discovery happened to mean more to me than most. England Keep My Bones is a record that everyone should have in their collection. Each song tells a unique story about love, sadness, triumph and everything in between. You can sing along and dance to some of these songs. I remember playing this for the first time and instantly falling in love.

The first track is a song called Eulogy and it’s a statement about though we can never be as big as Freddy Mercury, we can live life to the absolute fullist and that’s all that matters.

My favorite song off the album is I Still Believe. This song is about how music can save souls and how much fun it is for the musicians and for the fans. It’s the perfect anthem for all of us who’s lives are touched by the lyrics, riffs, and drumlines these musicians play. I love this song so much I got a tattoo on my forearm that says I Still Believe.

Now who’d have thought that after all, Something as simple as rock ’n’ roll would save us all.
Rancid: …And Out Come The Wolves

2. Rancid: …And Out Come The Wolves

Punk music came into my life in 7th grade. The first punk album I listened to was Pennywise’s Full Circle. It hit me in the face like a tsunami wave. I dove into the perverbial punk rock poll head first after that. In my search for more, I discovered Rancid. My friend lent me their 1995 hit record …And Out Come The Wolves. I still blast this record in the car. Tracks like Timebomb, Old Friend, Olympia, WA remind me of a better time.

The album opens up with the bassline heavy Maxwell Murder. If you haven’t heard this and are a fan of bass players, Matt Freeman puts on a killer performance.

My favorite track off this album is Old Friend. There is something about the lyrics to the chours that always stays with me and I find myself singing them during the day without fail.

Good morning heartache…You’re like an old friend…Come and see me again
Slipknot: Iowa

3. Slipknot: Iowa

You always need a go to album when you are upset or angry at the world. When this album came out I was a freshman in high school and constantly angry about life. For how angry and dark this record is, it helped me cope with the darkness and anger I had within at the time.

This is Slipknot’s best work to date. The ever so talented Corey Taylor takes us into the pit of personal hell with Iowa. A few of the stand out tracks from this record are Disasterpiece, Left Behind, The Heretic Anthem, and the lovely tune People = Shit.

One track I listened to the most was My Plague. When I would have a terrible day at school or the parents were getting on my back I would blast this on my headphones. The anger inside was instantly gone after one listen.

You fuckin’ touch me I will rip you apart…I’ll reach in and take a bite out of that shit you call a heart..
Bruce Springsteen: Born To Run

4. Bruce Springsteen: Born To Run

I’m originaly from the Jersey Shore. No not Seaside Heights like where the aweful show took place. I’m from Cape May, New Jersey. The beaches are beautiful and summertime is always the best part of that town. Born To Run was the soundtrack of the summer. This record also means the world to me because it bridges the amazing friendship and deep love I have for someone. We share the love for this album and always mention it once during our conversation.

The whole album from front to back is perfect. I know it’s hard to be perfect but The Boss’s craftmanship of a song is hard to mimic. Of course who doesn’t love the opening track Thunder Road. I scream those words every time they come on.

Show a little faith there’s magic in the night…You ain’t a beauty but hey you’re alright…Oh and that’s alright with me
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