How would I go about getting a writing gig?
J.J Alduey

Great question!

The way that worked for me (starting from scratch with no portfolio) was to put some calls out on business groups for people who wanted free copywriting in exchange for a review/piece for my portfolio.

I’d normally advise against free work but in this case it was limited to ten customers. After that, I had a great portfolio of work, and some testimonials, which allowed me to get playing clients pretty easily (just by keeping an eye out for opportunities and even contacting businesses directly).

Eventually, I landed a full time content writing job using the same portfolio.

Obviously this is aimed at copywriting/content writing work, and so the process will (I assume) vary somewhat for different writing gigs. But I think the concept of working for free for a limited time and then utilising the hell out of your portfolio/testimonials is a pretty effective way of getting started.

Hope that helps, happy to discuss further via email ( if you like!

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