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Feb 3, 2016 · Unlisted
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If so, here’s a link to our press kit and product images as well as our latest press release. If you need anything else, email or call (07) 3103 3070.


Press coverage

“Updated daily, Vest ranks emerging businesses with an algorithm that inputs their social media mentions, frequency as a search term, and the trajectory of both.” – Australian Financial Review

“The aim of the platform is to drive up Australia’s startup brand on the international stage by highlighting the top companies coming out of the scene…” – StartupSmart

“Nice to see what’s going on down under. Props to the ‘Straya Startup scene.” – Product Hunt

“The platform is not only for startups to showcase their ideas but a great resource to suss out the competition or potential partners. More importantly, it’s a potential go-to website for investors to find innovative ideas to back.” – Desktop

“Users are able to see the latest ideas in Australia, which startups are most popular right now, their funding stages and ideas worth investing or partnering with. You can even use it to submit your own startup or idea for consideration.” – Business Insider

“Want to know which startups should be on your radar? Brisbane digital studio Josephmark has just launched a platform which lists the Australian startups creating ‘buzz’ in real time.” – Brisbane Business News

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Josephmark is a digital ventures practice based in Brisbane, Sydney and Los Angeles. We design, develop and launch meaningful digital products that change the way we work, play and connect. Find us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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