You’re right Linda, I’m just a lazy millennial.

Yes, Robert, that’s right. You did have to work hard for everything you’ve got. The cost of living was more on par with wages in your era, but hey — it could just be that I’m lazy. I hope that house you got for $120k at age 25 is nice — I was just looking at buying the one next door but it’s $1.6 million and ah, that’s just not in my budget this lifetime.

Sure George you had to walk 10km in the snow and fight nineteen Nazi dragons on the way. My 1.5 hour commute to the city I work in (because I can’t afford to live in it) costing me $11.20 each way doesn’t cause me any undue stress or financial strain.

I’m super glad you were able to drop out of school because it wasn’t for you and took up a job at a local shop, Stan. I see now you managed to move into a GM position just working your way up. How’s your pension? I’m still getting the 4 qualifications I need — then I’ll move on to doing the 3 years of free internships so I have the experience required to get my first entry-level job paying $32k per annum.

Things weren’t harder in your day. They aren’t necessarily harder in my day. Things are different. Apples and oranges. Society and the economy are in constant flux. Generations differ to some extent but what is different by far is the society we live in. Have empathy.

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