Wasn’t GigaOm Dead More Than a Year Ago?

At least that’s when I stopped reading anything on GigaOm, and as a high-tech publicist, also quit trying to pitch stories to any of its reporters/editors. With founder Om Malik having resigned, and Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg’s Recode.net up and running with insider tech news (and having purloined some fresh writers like Liz Gannes from GigaOm’s stale site), I excised GigaOm from my media list long before its official death notice last week.

Tech media — like all the other domains the Internet has disrupted — needs a 5.3 Richter shake-up as well. Maybe one of the laid-off crew at GigaOm will start a radically new platform for tech media, one in which categories are defined and easily accessible, where big companies and investments don’t dominate the news, and where ordinary people can read about new technologies in areas they care about. Is anyone ready to create The High Technology Times?

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