What Is Testosterone Therapy? Why It Is Important?

In addition to adrenaline, testosterone is probably one of the most famous and loved hormones that people make. Ask a man what testosterone means to him, and he could start raving about his bar workout or talking about his love life. But sometimes, the amount of testosterone that the body produces decreases, and this is where testosterone replacement therapy can be helpful. Testosterone replacement therapy (also called testosterone hormone replacement therapy for men) resembles estrogen replacement therapy for women.

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is definitely important for sperm production and sex drive, but it is also a critical component in many other physical functions. Testosterone plays a role in the distribution of your fat and your muscle mass and strength. It is also important for the production of red blood cells and the preservation of bone density. If someone is not fit in his life and health so its a best option for them to contact with the best hormone replacement clinics and share the problem from all aspects like your food, sleeping habits, working life style and etc so that they can diagnose the basic need of your replacement.

What is menopause?

Although you can not talk as often as menopause in women, menopause also occurs in men. It is often called androgynous, and is a perfect natural phenomenon. After about 40 years (or sometimes up to 30), the amount of testosterone produced by a human will gradually decrease.

Talk to your doctor

If you experience any of these symptoms, talk to your doctor about androgynous and ask if testosterone replacement therapy suits you. Your doctor will probably want a physical exam as well as other tests to determine if your symptoms are in fact caused by low testosterone levels. A simple blood test will control your testosterone levels. However, because testosterone levels fluctuate throughout the day, it is best to check it in the morning. Your doctor may perform this blood test several times.

Due to the risk of serious side effects from testosterone replacement therapy, we also recommend that you undergo a battery test to ensure your health before and during treatment. Affinity Health Insurance has a very significant feature to satisfy your desires also to make you relax during tests. These tests may include a panel of lipids, cardiac function tests, liver function tests, a prostate test and a test to check your PSA levels.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Even if you have low testosterone levels, testosterone replacement therapy may not be good for you. Your doctor may recommend that you have low levels of hormones with the symptoms of andropause. It is also important to know the possibility of serious side effects before attempting testosterone replacement therapy.

According to the Affinity Health hormone replacement therapy for men can take many different forms. Your doctor may recommend the right type of treatment. Oral testosterone therapy is available, but doctors recommend a different type of hormone delivery system, such as trans dermal skin. Other treatment options are an oral patch, gel, injection or implant.

Also, remember to take care of your overall health to help prevent many of the diseases and conditions that men often face.