Journey to the Kingdom of the Real: A Mystical Exploration of Consciousness

4 min readSep 27

The realm of consciousness can be likened to an ocean, vast and deep, whose surface we can only begin to fathom. Regardless of the relationship we adopt towards our bodies, our worldviews, or the habits we’ve cultivated thus far, the moment we earnestly start to question our reality is when we dive into this ocean. We gather our energy, turn inwards, and seek the profound silence within us to encounter the source of all things. This journey leads us into an objective, impersonal, and universal state of existence — an all-encompassing whole free of separation, duality, or conflict.

Transitioning from Limited Subjectivity

Transitioning from a limited, dualistic perspective to a wider vision of life is not merely an enlightenment of consciousness or liberation from the constraints of sight. It’s an opening of understanding to reality — a spiritual sight or “new light” that illuminates all things. This light has always existed as a possibility, inherent in our very nature. As ignorance dissolves, we begin to see what we truly are. Our timeless, eternal nature is revealed — unchanging and unevolved. We realize what we have always been and will always be.

Light and Darkness

As long as our understanding remains limited and dualistic, we perceive a difference between light (of understanding) and darkness (of ignorance), real and false, free and limited. However, this transition is gradual, a result of existential maturation rather than a sudden, unexpected event. The fog of ignorance slowly dissipates as we relinquish external activities, dependencies, and attachments. Life has continuity, with every shade of gray bridging the gap between white and black.

Emergence into Reality

The emergence into reality occurs in the silence that follows the abandonment of external activities. The cessation of these activities does not lead to isolation or void, as the subject might fear. Instead, it paves the way for a transcendence of the subject and a flow of perception and action in real life. In this existential silence, existence manifests naturally, and life is experienced as reality, not a distorted image.

An Objective Universal Existence

In this state of consciousness, we feel a oneness with all, an interconnection of all things in unity. This universal, impersonal existence understands the depth of unity and perceives personal expressions within the world of phenomena. It manifests within the body, yet what manifests is universal existence, not limited personal perceptions. The body is simply a medium for this manifestation, a temporary, limited, and “historically” specific vessel.

Journey to the Inner World

As we deepen our sense of universal life, we realize that the true, substantial, and precious existence is the oneness of universal life, not the personal manifestations in the external world. Attention shifts to the sense of oneness, and all personal manifestations become “transparent”, negligible, and simultaneously present and non-existent. Here begins the journey to the inner world.

The Experience of Full Perfect Awakening

In the final phase of the inner process, perception transforms into a simple, perfect, pure mirror that passively reflects reality. This state allows for contact with reality, the experience of being reality itself, and partaking in the divine reality. It is here that the experience of full perfect awakening, the union with the divine source, is possible. This is the living mystery of the source, the “Chaos” of Orpheus, the “Tao” of Lao Tzu, the “Asamskrita” of Buddha, the “Brahman” of Sankara, the “Father” of Jesus, the “Truth” of Krishnamurti.

The inner world of true being is something completely different from the outer world of appearances. It’s the inner life of the unity of perception, the mystery of the true essence and function of consciousness. As we progress from the world of phenomena to the real world of consciousness of being, and ultimately to the source of all, reality reveals itself in wider and wider dimensions. However, the full vision of the world, the full experience is only possible at the “level” of the source. As much as the world of consciousness of being appears different and higher in the dual consciousness, the world of divine reality seems different and higher in perception.

Our journey to the kingdom of the real is an ongoing process, a gradual unveiling of the divine essence within us. It’s a deep dive into the ocean of consciousness, an exploration of our true nature, and a realization of the unity of all things. It’s a mystical journey that transcends the confines of our limited perception and takes us into the realm of divine reality.


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