Learn How to Make Napkin Bow for Table Décor

At the weddings, decorations are really important to be managed perfectly. And, to make the venue look highly sophisticated and classy at the same time, it is suggested to get creative and do some DIY. Yes, this is a fantastic idea to embellish the venue using your creative bent of mind. For instance, to make your table decorations more attractive, you can do some creative things like folding a napkin as a bow. If you really like this idea then go through this quick DIY napkin folding technique for a perfect table setting.

Image Source: http://bit.ly/2tejVxS

Things you will need:

· Any printed napkin you like to use

· A stone or grosgrain polka dot ribbon for embellishment. I prefer using a big stone with Flat Back and a ribbon. You can make use of any other accessory you like to decorate the folded wedding napkin with.

· A ribbon you like to use

· A glue gun for pasting. Get certain about the thing that your glue works well so that the embellishments don’t come off easily.

· Scissors for cutting ribbon lengths.

Get started with keeping the uneven napkin side upwards. This will confirm that the visitors see the even and smoother side at the table. Fold the napkin joining the corners. Turn around the napkin to get the perfect triangle facing down. After that, you need to fold the napkin rolling it in sections upwards. You can keep the bow width in accordance with the width of the fold. Now, you need to turn the folded napkin around and fold the ends in towards the center. There should be two tails of your napkin bow.

Next, you are required to cut the ribbon to a length you need and stick it using glue gun somewhere exactly in the middle of napkin bow. Now, stick the stone on top of that to make it look more attractive. You can also tie the polka dot ribbon the bow. Trim the ribbon ends to make it look perfect.

Well, this way you can keep your table decoration to look fabulous!!

You can buy all the required stuff, and even the 100 yards ribbon online through some reliable store offering wedding and craft supplies.