Doba Review: What is Doba and Should You Join?

Doba is a leading dropshipping service, but is it the best option if you’re looking for low priced dropshippers to re-sell on eBay or your own site? This is my Doba review.

In this Doba review I’m going to talk about:

1. What Doba is
2. What it’s useful for and good at
3. What it’s not so good at
4. The potential alternatives to Doba
5. Overview: should you join Doba?

What is Doba?

Doba is a dropshipping service — it acts as a middleman between dropshippers and you (an online retailer, eBay reseller, etc.).

Doba is very easy to use. You can search for products by keyword or category and place orders to be drop-shipped to your customers directly on the Doba site.

It has the option of exporting data on products to your own site or major online retailing platforms like Amazon and eBay.

Once you’ve placed an order on Doba you can check the status of it on the Doba website, but you never make contact directly with the drop-shipper that handles your order.

Doba deals with the drop-shipper supplying your product and they dispatch it directly to your customer.

Doba is a good service if you’re looking for an easy way to drop-ship goods to your customers, but it’s not always the cheapest option and there are alternatives that I talk about later in this Doba review.

Is Doba The Best Option?

Doba similar to some other wholesaler/dropshipping services you may have heard of — like Worldwide Brands and Salehoo but there are two key differences.

First of all, Doba only does dropshipping — that is they dispatch individual orders to your customers. There is no option to buy more than one unit from a supplier at a time and no option to buy any stock from a wholesaler that you can hold.

That can be a good and a bad thing. Good because it means you don’t have to manage or invest in any stock, but bad in that there is no option to even if you wanted to — for example, buying 10 of an item to get a discount per unit. Doba only does drop-shipping, no wholesale offers.

The second difference is that Doba is a middleman and you buy directly from Doba not a wholesaler or drop-shipper. Again this is good and bad — good because it’s easy, bad because you never get to make contact with who you’re buying from and build a relationship with them (again you could miss out on offers and discounts this way). There is also no option to compare prices or offers between different suppliers, you have to rely on Doba to have the lowest price.

Because you do not build a relationship with any suppliers directly, if you want to continue buying a product and selling it to your customers through Doba, you must remain a member of Doba — at nearly $60 a month.

The Good Points about Doba

- Very easy to use, good if you’re just starting out

- Can track status of all orders in one place

- Has around two million products listed ready to drop ship to your customers

- Can download product catalogue and upload to your e-commerce site

Doba: The Negatives

- Not always the cheapest option to buy items — some will be cheaper on sites like eBay than you’ll find on Doba which leaves no profit margin — and you cannot compare prices between different sellers or negotiate.

- Can only do drop-shipping, no option to buy from wholesalers

- You never make contact with who you are buying from and never get to build a relationship with your suppliers directly

- By far the most expensive option — $59.95 a month

- You must remain a member to continue buying, as you do not deal directly with any suppliers and therefore do not build any of your own supplier relationships.

What Are The Alternatives?

Doba is the only ‘drop-shipping middleman’ service that I’m aware of, but there are other potentially better options — drop-shipper/wholesaler directories.

Supplier directories are sites that list dropshippers, wholesalers and manufacturers that have been verified as reliable by the directory editor — and millions of products from these suppliers to search through and compare prices.

Instead of buying directly through the directory, you search for a product, find suppliers for that product, compare their prices and contact them directly. It’s a bit more work but the good part is that you could get products for much lower prices.

Like Doba directories are easy to use, but have two key advantages:

1. You have the option of buying more than one source and can compare prices. Because there are so many suppliers in directories like Worldwide Brands the competition between then is quite intense and that drives down prices.

2. You can build relationships with suppliers you deal with directly and negotiate better prices with them

Worldwide Brands is the top directory of drop-shippers and wholesalers in the USA. It was founded by eBay power seller Chris Malta in 1999 in Florida and is still based there today.

Worldwide Brands has about 8,000 drop-shippers and wholesalers in their directory, and from these about 16 million products as of 2017. That makes it the largest directory of drop-ship/wholesale products by a long way — Doba has only 2 million and Salehoo about 1.6 million products.

All of the suppliers in the Worldwide Brands directory have been researched by the WWB staff before being added to their site — that involves someone visiting their warehouse and placing anonymous orders to check reliability. WWB also guarantees the reliability of their suppliers.

Ordering from a supplier on Worldwide Brands is just as safe as through Doba, and both are very friendly to l and new businesses— including individuals selling online to make extra income.

You could find products on Worldwide Brands much cheaper than elsewhere — because their directory is so large and because you can cut out the middleman and deal direct with your drop-shippers.

Salehoo is a good alternative too, and is very similar to Worldwide Brands (it’s a directory of 8,000+ suppliers) but the number of products that Salehoo lists is much smaller than Worldwide Brands. Salehoo also costs more in the long term — at $67 per year while Worldwide Brands has just one fee for lifetime membership.

Worldwide Brands is also the only directory that’s fully certified by eBay — that in my opinion indicates that they are the best option of you are looking for products cheap enough to re-sell on sites like eBay or Amazon.

Whole Doba costs $59.95 a month, Worldwide Brands comes with a one off fee of $299 for lifetime membership.

**UPDATE: There’s a black friday discount on WWbB at the moment on their site.**

Doba Review Conclusion: Should You Join Worldwide Brands Instead?

If you are looking for a really simple and easy to use way to get a wide range of products drop shipped to your customers then Doba is a good option. It’s good at what it does.

However, I would recommend checking our Worldwide Brands though if you are looking for anything more than a simple and relatively expensive drop-shipping service.

Worldwide Brands has 16 million products listed compared to Doba’s 2 million. WWB also allows you to contact both dropshippers and wholesalers directly and compare prices for the same product — and because you can contact them directly you can negotiate on price and build a good relationship.

**Update: there are some offers online that give you a $30 on WWB membership, making it $269 instead of $299.

Although Worldwide Brands costs $299 ($269 with this discount), that’s only the price of 4.5 months of membership to Doba so WWB becomes the cheaper option in just a few months. There’s also a 60 day money back guarantee with Worldwide Brands, so trying it instead is low risk.

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