Salehoo Review 2018: Is Salehoo The Really Best Source For Drop Shippers and Wholesalers?

In this Salehoo review I’m going to start by explaining what Salehoo offers, what’s good and what’s bad about it, the potential alternatives — and finally whether or not Salehoo is is the best source of wholesaler and drop shipped products.

But first, I want to explain why I’m even writing this Salehoo review.

Last year I started my own e-commerce site, after a few years of selling on eBay. It’s gone well, especially as my niche (socks) has gone viral.

The hardest part of selling — on my store or eBay — wasn’t finding a niche, getting customers or even managing cash flow.

It was finding drop shippers that were reliable, but also cheap enough to re-sell their items on eBay for a profit.

I didn’t want to deal with angry customers and refunds — and I wanted to make a good profit.

The first supplier I worked with was based in China and made good socks at low prices, but the shipping times to my customers in the USA and UK was so long I was getting 30% of my sales refunded. I found this supplier on a site called Ali Express.

Then I started to look at directories like Salehoo and Worldwide Brands.

These are where I eventually found the sort of drop shippers and wholesalers I was looking for: reasonable quality products, wide range, low enough prices and with faster shipping.

I’ll come back to this later, but for now — back to my Salehoo review.

Salehoo Review: What is Salehoo?

Salehoo is not a wholesaler itself — it’s a New Zealand-based directory of about 8,000 different wholesalers, liquidators, manufacturers and drop-shippers.

Suppliers are listed from countries around the world, but most are in Australia, Canada, China, the UK, USA, and of course, New Zealand.

Salehoo’s staff screen suppliers before adding them to the Salehoo database, which helps to prevent scam suppliers getting in.

From the wholesalers in Salehoo there are about 1.6 million products for sale, at wholesale prices — although like with other sources, you may find some selling for about the same amount on eBay or Amazon.

Salehoo membership costs $67 per year (every year that you’re a member) and comes with access to the forums and some basic tutorials about selling online.

It also includes with a market research tool that might come in handy if you are not sure what niche to start up in.

There are additional costs if you want extras like advanced tutorials about selling online/eBay and the Salehoo ‘Online Selling Tactics’ course.

What’s Good About Salehoo?

Salehoo is one of the most popular sources of drop shippers and wholesalers online — and there are many positive reviews from members.

There are over 8,000 suppliers and more than 1.6 million products listed in the Salehoo database — although that’s not the largest (Worldwide Brands is bigger), it is still a big list.

Like with most good wholesaler directories, all of the suppliers in Salehoo have been screened to weed out scams.

Salehoo’s market research tool is useful for finding potential niches, and the basic tutorials that are included for $67 a year are good for beginners.

Initially, Salehoo has a relatively low price to join at $67. This has to be paid every year though, so it’s adds up to a lot more money in the long term.

Salehoo Review: The Bad Points

Salehoo is a good directory, and it comes with some useful tools — but it lacks some key features too:

  • Salehoo does not list as many products as other directories — only 2.5 million compared to 16 million in Worldwide Brands.
  • Some products have low margins or are available for the same price as Salehoo’s ‘wholesale’ price on sites like eBay or Ali Express.
  • Has a lot of big brands, but not as many niche products
  • Good customer support, but they don’t offer to go out and find suppliers for products that are not currently listed (only Worldwide Brands offers this)
  • Membership fees add up fast — $67 per year, every year you’re a member
  • Lots of up sells that make it much more expensive

Are There Alternatives?

Yes, Salehoo is a good product but there are alternatives as well. The most similar is Worldwide Brands (review here), which has the same number of suppliers but many more products from wholesalers and drop shippers than Salehoo has.

Doba is another potential alternative, but it has some limitations. Doba only does drop shipping (no buying more than one unit at a time), only ships to US addresses and costs much more — between $29 and $249 a month. It’s easy to use though and has about two million products.

Then there are sites like Ali Express and DHGate — these are marketplaces (like eBay) for wholesalers based in China. Prices are low, but delivery is very slow — often more than a month to the US — far too slow for drop shipping or trend products. The product and service quality varies quite a lot too.

Unlike Salehoo and Worldwide Brands they do not sell many branded goods — sometimes what appears to be a premium brand is counterfeit so be careful if you do buy on DHGate or Ali Express. They are good for buying cheap generic goods in bulk though.

The Top Alternative to Salehoo: Worldwide Brands

Although it has about the same number of suppliers as Salehoo (8,000) Worldwide Brands has nearly 14 million more products from drop shippers and wholesalers — more than 16 million as of 2018, with around 500k added every year.

Salehoo has only 2.5 million and WWB has exclusive relationships with some niche suppliers, so there are a lot of products that you’ll find in Worldwide Brands but not anywhere else.

Worldwide Brands is almost a ‘trade secret’ among the larger eBay sellers and independent e-commerce stores — and I’ll explain why.

With so many more products from suppliers competing for your business than any other directory, you’re likely to get lower prices through Worldwide Brands than anywhere else.

WWB is the only directory that’s officially certified by eBay, and was founded in 1999 by an eBay Power seller, Chris Malta, who still owns it today.

Worldwide Brands also focuses on suppliers in the United States and Canada, where it’s based, more than Salehoo does — although WWB does have many suppliers in the UK, Europe and China too.

Apart from the unmatched number of products, the other key advantage Worldwide Brands has over Salehoo (and others) is the level of research they put into suppliers before adding them to their directory.

Salehoo screen suppliers, but Worldwide Brands go in depth. They visit applicant supplier’s warehouses and make test orders to check they are real and reliable before listing them.

Worldwide Brands offers a guarantee that all the suppliers in their database are legitimate and reliable to deal with — so buying from them is risk free.

Back to my sock shop — when I was buying from a drop-shipper in China (found on Ali Express), about 30% of my customers asking for refunds due to slow delivery or not receiving what they had ordered.

But since buying from a certified and guaranteed drop shipper I found on Worldwide Brands I’ve been able to reduce this to only 2%.

Finally, Worldwide Brands specializes in drop shippers and ‘light bulk’ wholesalers — you can search for only products from these sellers on the WWB site.

Light bulk wholesalers are suppliers that have low minimum orders (usually $150–500) and are especially friendly to new online businesses — which they specifically target as customers.

Buying from these means you can take advantage of the lower prices you get when buying in bulk, with a minimum order of only about $150+.

Just like Salehoo, Worldwide Brands comes with access to forums, market research tools and very responsive customer support — who will help you find suppliers if you don’t have time.

Their customer support even offer to find new suppliers if you can’t find what you’re looking for, which is why there are some very obscure niches covered by Worldwide Brands — again, that’s something you won’t find elsewhere.

Here’s a video preview of Worldwide Brands:

I’ve also written a detailed Worldwide Brands review here.

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The One Problem With Worldwide Brands

Worldwide Brands does sound great — and it’s by far the largest and most diverse directory of wholesale (and drop-shipped) products, with the most responsive customer support.

But there’s one problem with it: the cost of membership is $299.

Although that’s a one off fee for lifetime membership (unlike Salehoo, which is $67 every year) and there are no hidden costs, that’s still a lot of money.

There’s currently a $30 discount on the Worldwide Brands site, but I recently received the link for a bigger discount — $50 off making it $249.

**Here’s a link to the hidden $50 discount page**

Compared to Salehoo, in the long term Worldwide Brands is cheaper as there are no annual fees. Also, Worldwide Brands has 16 million products compared to Salehoo’s 2.5 million — so it works out to be better value per product too.

Membership to Salehoo costs $67 per year, which after 4 years adds up to $268 — $19 more than WWB and counting.

I first started selling online in 2013, five years ago, so Salehoo would have cost me $335 by now compared to $249 for Worldwide Brands — and that would be for access to 2.5 million products, not 16 million.

Worldwide Brands and Salehoo both have a 60 day money back guarantee — so you could try either and if you’re disappointed get your money back easily.

Salehoo Review: Conclusion

Salehoo is a good directory, but there is a much larger alternative that offers more products, more suppliers, more support and better long term value for money: Worldwide Brands.

With more than 16 million products (compared to 2.5 million in Salehoo) and a one off membership fee with no extra or hidden costs, Worldwide Brands offers much better value for money than Salehoo in my opinion.

Although initially more expensive at $299 ($249 with discount), when I joined I Worldwide Brands I thought of it as in investment to get the widest range of socks to sell, lowest prices and drop shippers that were local and could ship fast— and that’s exactly what I found.

Through Worldwide Brands, I’ve now worked with some well known fashion brands as well as really low priced US-based generic manufacturers who will drop ship direct to my customers.

Worldwide Brands has many more products available to have drop shipped in the United States and around the world than anywhere else — all from suppliers that are guaranteed to be reliable.

Salehoo, Doba, Ali Express, etc. cannot compete with this.

Worldwide Brands is also the only directory to be officially certified by eBay, and was founded by Chris Malta — an eBay power seller as far back as the 90s.

With more products from certified drop shippers and ‘light bulk’ wholesalers than anywhere else, you have a much better chance of finding what you’re looking for at the lowest price in Worldwide Brands.

Worldwide Brands has everything that Salehoo offers and more, and there’s a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can try them and just get a refund if you’re disappointed.

Click here to preview Worldwide Brands — and here for the $50 coupon