Salehoo vs Worldwide Brands — Which is Better?

There are a lot of reviews of both Salehoo and WorldwideBrands online and both appear to offer a similar service; they are both directories of about 8,000 wholesalers and drop shippers (with millions of products) and you have to pay a free to join them.

Their prices are quite different though — $67 a year for Salehoo and $299 for lifetime membership to Worldwide Brands (note: this page has a $50 off discount link for Worldwide Brands).

So it’s worth asking: which is better?

Let’s look at each in detail first

What is Salehoo?

Salehoo was founded in 2005 and is a directory of over 8,000 suppliers according to their website. You can browse their database of about 1.6 million products from these suppliers for an annual fee of $67.

The Salehoo directory lists suppliers and products in all the major categories, including homewares, technology, computing, clothing and home supplies.

For $67 you also get access to market research tools and the forums. Suppliers are screened by Salehoo’s staff before being added to their database.

Salehoo is based in New Zealand and most of the suppliers listed in their database are from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, the US, the UK and China but there are others outside these countries to.

Salehoo has a number of up-sells as well, including additional training and an online stores program.

What about Worldwide Brands?

Founded in 1999 by Chris Malta, who wrote a book about successfully selling on eBay in 2006, Worldwide Brands is one of the most established and arguably the top directory of wholesalers and drop shippers.

Worldwide Brands also has about 8,000 suppliers listed, but have more than 10 times as many products as Salehoo — 16 million — that members can search through in their database. This is probably why Worldwide Brands costs so much more to join (initially) than Salehoo or other alternatives.

Because it is so much larger than the alternatives, Worldwide Brands has truly extensive coverage of every imaginable category — from all the major ones to obscure sub-categories like ‘dreadlock care products’, ‘water filters’ and ‘reading glasses’.

If there isn’t a supplier in their database for a product then members can request that one is found and added, but the range of products really is diverse so this must not get used much.

Like Salehoo, Worldwide Brands has an active forum and access is included in the basic membership fee.

Worldwide Brands also comes with an advanced market research tool that’s good for finding opportunities and niches to sell to on eBay.

WWB is based in the USA and has very strong coverage of the US drop shippers and wholesalers, but also many from other countries to.

All suppliers are researched by WWB before being added — this includes visiting the supplier’s warehouse/facility and checking the quality and legitimacy of their products.

Worldwide Brands costs $299 ($50 off coupon link) to join and there are no additional or hidden costs to get access to 100% of all the products and suppliers listed in their database and all the tools.

Click here to preview Worldwide Brands.

Can you make a profit with either of them?

Both of these directories list wholesalers and drop shippers, and there are many suppliers with low minimum orders in both as well.

Indeed, this is something that Worldwide Brands specialize in — light bulk suppliers that sell at wholesale prices but have very low minimum orders.

They both have products listed at genuine wholesale prices — not just slightly cheaper than in stores, but significantly cheaper.

Although that’s the case, if you plan to sell on highly competitive online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon then the margins are going to me much thinner than selling in a high street store or possibly your own e-commerce website.

Not all of the suppliers in any directory are going to be cheap enough to re-sell on eBay for a profit, so if I was going to join a directory with the aim of re-selling online then I’d pick the one with the largest amount of choice and WorldwideBrands has the largest product directory — at 16 million products as of 2018.

It’s also worth pointing out that while both directories will have some products that are cheap enough to re-sell on sites like eBay and Amazon, Worldwide Brands is the only one to be officially certified by eBay.

Which is cheaper?

The sounds like a question with an obvious answer. Of course Salehoo is cheaper because it costs $67 and Worldwide brands costs $299 ($249 with coupon link).

However, Salehoo is $67 per year for every year that you’re a member, whereas the $249 membership fee for Worldwide Brands is for lifetime membership — so you pay once and there are no additional fees forever.

The cost of Salehoo’s $67 a year can add up. Four years of Salehoo membership will cost more than ($268) lifetime access to Worldwide Brands, and for every additional year that you remain a member it will become $67 more expensive. It’s likely that you’ll want to run your business for more than 4 years, so Salehoo could end up as the more expensive option.

That may not be a problem if their directory was bigger than Worldwide Brands, but while Salehoo lists about 1.6m products in their database of suppliers, Worldwide Brands lists over 16 million — 10 times as many.

So on a per wholesale product basis, Worldwide Brands is much cheaper too.

Salehoo vs WorldwideBrands: Which Is The Best?

It depends what you’re looking for, but if you’re going into business selling online (especially on eBay) my top choice would be Worldwide Brands.

Salehoo is a good product — low initial cost, thousands of legitimate suppliers and over a million products listed.

But Worldwide Brands lists over 16 million products (compared to Salehoo’s 1.6m), has the highest level of supplier verification (guaranteed to be scam free), is fully searchable by product keywords, comes with forum access, lists over 8,000 suppliers (some found nowhere else) that sell at low prices, and is the only wholesaler and drop shipper directory to be fully certified by eBay (and founded by an eBay power seller and author).

Worldwide Brands also select suppliers that are especially willing to work with online and new businesses — this one of the reasons WWB is often referred to as a ‘trade secret’ among successful eBay sellers.

Click here for more information about Worldwide Brands and here to access the WWB discount link.

Below is a detailed video review of Worldwide Brands, which explains many of the features in more detail.

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