Worldwide Brands Review — What is WWB and Is It Worth The Money?

Last modified: 6th June 2017

This Worldwide Brands review will cover what WWB is, the good points and the bad points — and hopefully answer some questions you may have about Worldwide Brands that are not covered in other reviews.

I’m going to start with what Worldwide Brands is, how much it costs, the discounts available, what’s included for the membership fee and if it’s actually worth it.

But if you are just looking for the $30 coupon link, that can be found here. Otherwise please read on.

What is Worldwide Brands?

WWB is a directory of drop shippers and wholesalers. There are about 8,000 suppliers in total in the WWB database, and between them they have over 16 million products listed on Worldwide Brands . There is a fairly even split of drop-shippers and wholesalers, WWB does not specialize in one type of supplier or the other — they are useful for both.

Worldwide Brands is by far the largest directory of products — the closest competitor is Salehoo, which has a similar number of suppliers, but only lists about 1.5 million products on their site, compared to over 16 million (as of 2017) in WWB’s database.

You can search for products or suppliers by keyword, brand, name and product. There are a lot listed, so being able to search is a good feature.

All of the wholesalers and drop shippers in the WWb directory have been checked by WWB staff, who places test orders and visit the supplier warehouse/offices to check they are legitimate.

It’s the only directory to be certified by eBay, and was founded in 1999 by Chris Malta — an eBay power-seller and published author about selling on eBay.

The company is based in Florida, and although they list suppliers from around the world, their focus is on those who are based in or supply to the USA.

Membership is not cheap — it costs $299 for lifetime membership (although there are some discounts available — here’s a link I found to get $30 off).

Click here to find out more about Worldwide Brands.

Why join wholesaler/dropshipper directory anyway?

I want to pause and talk about this for a moment, as it’s important if you are looking for reliable suppliers.

The key reason to use a directory instead of searching through Google for wholesalers is to avoid counterfeit and scam suppliers. There are a surprising number of them out there, and there is no protection from them unless you use suppliers from a directory.

The risk of being caught by a scam supplier — or just one with very poor customer service — is greater when you’re looking for the lowest price. But if you want to sell online, then you need to buy at the lowest possible prices.

Have you ever heard the expression “it’s too good to be true”? With wholesalers found online it can often be true.

All three of the top directories online offer some protection against scams:

With Doba you buy directly from Doba rather than the suppliers, and so they are responsible for the level of service and product quality you receive.

Salehoo ‘screen’ suppliers, meaning they conduct some research into each supplier to try to prevent scams getting in and have a pretty good reputation as a result.

Worldwide Brands is the only directory to offer a full guarantee of the legitimacy of all the wholesalers and drop shippers in their directory — they can do this because they conduct an in depth review of each supplier, including visiting their warehouse and placing test orders, before adding them to the database.

As mentioned earlier, the directory was founded by Chris Malta, an eBay power-seller and published author. It’s the only directory to be fully certified by eBay, and in my opinion the best place to find legitimate suppliers that also sell at low prices.

What are the good points about World Wide Brands?

Worldwide Brands is one of the largest directories of suppliers — there are over 8,000 and 16 million products listed — this makes it by far the largest directory of drops shippers AND wholesalers.

Every year suppliers with around 500,000 products are added to the WWB database, so it remains very current and up to date.

Despite it’s size, World Wide Brands is also one of the easiest to use. You can search for products, browse categories and use it both on mobile and desktop devices (iOS and Android).

Dropshippers and wholesalers that are scams, or at least unreliable and sell counterfeit or misleadingly low quality goods, are a big problem when looking for suppliers online — they can cost you a lot of money and get your new online business a bad reputation through no fault of your own. Worldwide Brands has two effective solutions to this:

  1. WWB staff fully test out new suppliers before adding them to their directory — this includes placing test orders and visiting the supplier’s warehouse/facility.
  2. There are forums and buyers get the opportunity to give feedback on suppliers — a bit like eBay feedback — so you can see if a supplier has high or low ratings before buying from them.

As I mentioned earlier, Worldwide Brands are are the only directory that fully guarantees there are no scams in their database, which really is a key advantage over researching suppliers manually on Google and even rival (cheaper) directories.

It can be difficult to find wholesalers and especially drop shippers that are cheap enough to sell on highly competitive marketplaces like eBay and Amazon.

This is why the fact that Worldwide Brands is the only directory to be eBay certified and also founded by a former eBay power-seller matters. With ten times the number of products as their closest competitor (Salehoo) also, you have probably the best chance of finding low enough prices on WWB than anywhere else.

There will of course be some products that are not cheap enough — but in my experience, if you cannot find them on WWB you won’t find them anywhere else either.

The membership fee is high though — at $299 ($30 off here), but you get what you pay for as WWB really is a world class directory of wholesalers and drop shippers.

As you would expect for that price, their customer service are very helpful — they will help you find suppliers if you don’t have time to search the directory, and if there are none listed for your niche they offer to find and add them.

This is why there are some very obscure niches covered — members have requested them and suppliers have been found and added. Some recent examples I’ve seen are suppliers for ‘Insulated Cups’, ‘Stand Up Paddle Boards’, ‘Chicken Coops’, and ‘Diversion Safes’. They do of course cover all the major categories too — including technology, jewelry, clothing, electronics, etc.

There is a 60 day money back guarantee with Worldwide Brands too.

What are the bad bits?

The main downside to Worldwide brands is of course the fee to join at $299 — and unfortunately there is not full free trial at the moment (*update: I found a $30 off link here*).

At the moment there is the option to pay in three monthly installments — first $99, then $100 30 days later, then finally $100 30 days after that, which could help spread the cost, but it is still a lot of money.

Click here for more information about this offer.

It’s worth bearing in mind that while the initial cost is high, Doba is $59 a month and Salehoo is $67 a year whereas there is only one fee for lifetime access to Worldwide Brands — the one off membership fee covers everything, there is no need to buy up-sells and no recurring payments, so at least it’s a one off.

Worldwide Brands Review Summary

Good Points about Worldwide Brands

  • WWB has the largest directory of verified wholesalers and drop shippers; with over 8,000 suppliers and 16 million products listed.
  • Such a huge number of products means that in many cases WWB has the lowest prices
  • Suppliers in very obscure niches — some recent suppliers added to the WWB database include wholesalers of Magnet Frames, Nasal Filters and Djembe Drums. Their variety of products and suppliers is unmatched.
  • Easy to use — you can search for products by keyword, category, brand, supplier, etc. so it’s easy to find other
  • Wholesalers and drop-shippers are all fully vetted and guaranteed to be legitimate — WWB staff visit their warehouses and place test orders before adding them to the database.
  • Has 60 day money back guarantee
  • $30 discount available

The Potential Bad Points

  • It costs $299 to join, which is much more than other smaller directories ($30 off discount link here)
  • Although Worldwide Brands is probably your best hope of finding a specific product at a low enough price to re-sell on eBay for a profit, not all suppliers will be cheap enough.

Is it worth buying?

Worldwide Brands is not cheap to join, but if you are serious about starting a business selling online then in my opinion it’s an investment worth making.

The initial membership fee of $269 (with discount) is high, but it’s the directory with the largest number of products by far — 10 times the number of the closest competitor Salehoo — and with that comes the ability to find lower prices and better deals than anywhere else.

WWB comes with two guarantees — a money back guarantee for 60 days, and a guarantee against scams — WWB guarantee that there are only legitimate suppliers in their directory.

Click here to find out more about Worldwide Brands and here for the $30 off coupon page.

Worldwide Brands discount code available — see above

Worldwide Brands — Frequently Asked Questions

How much does WWB cost?

Membership to the WWB directory costs $299, or $269 through this link.

This is the fee for lifetime membership — not an annual or monthly fee like other directories, and comes with unlimited access.

How many wholesalers and drop-shippers are listed in the WWB directory?

There are about 8,000 wholesalers and drop shippers, and (as of 2017) over 15 million products listed in the searchable WWB database.

Can I buy products cheap enough on WWB to sell on eBay for a profit?

I cannot guarantee that WWB will list a specific product at a specific price, but as they have by far the largest database of wholesalers and dropshippers by products listed it’s probably your best chance of finding the cheapest supplier — there are over 15 million products in their database so there is a lot of competition between suppliers and that helps drive prices down.

Why write another Worldwide Brands review?

This is my worldwide brands review — it’s based on my knowlege of the product and own opinion about how good or bad it is.

I thought there were some good reviews online, but they did not all give WWB a fair assessment. Many just promote cheaper alternatives, when in my opinion WWB is the best directory on the market.

Please note that if you purchase WWB through the links on this page, I may receive a commission.

Are there any good video Worldwide Brands reviews online?

Yes, here’s one that I think covers a lot of what’s in WWB:

Does Worldwide Brands list suppliers of X?

Worldwide brands is the largest directory by products listed — by a long way, it has nearly ten times the number of products listed as Salehoo, for example.

With that many products listed it’s probably your best chance of finding what you’re looking for, but the only way to find out for sure is to try it out. Here are some of the most obscure products they list suppliers of, but these are just examples:

Magnet Frames
Nasal Filters
Djembe Drums

Are the suppliers in wholesaler directories safe to buy from?

The top directories — Salehoo, WWB and Doba — all check and verify their suppliers, so the answer is yes — they are all legitimate.

WWB say that they go one step further, visiting the warehouses of suppliers and placing test orders to check how well suppliers perform before adding them to their database.

Are there any counterfeit or scam suppliers in these directories?

No — all wholesalers and drop shippers are checked before being added. Worldwide Brands even offer an guarantee that all their suppliers are fully checked and legitimate.

Does Worldwide Brands offer a money back guarantee?

Yes — WWB offers a full money back guarantee that lasts for 60 days after purchase.

What sort of suppliers are listed in the WWB directory?

Both wholesalers and drop shippers are listed. There is a good split between the two across the board and in pretty much all niches.

WWB has a unique feature where you can request a supplier (wholesaler or drops shipper) for a particular product and they will go out and find one. This is where a lot of the more obscure suppliers come from, like ‘nasal filter’ wholesalers, for example.

Are there more wholesalers / dropshippers than the other directories?

There are about the same number of suppliers in the WWB directory as Salehoo, but while salehoo lists about 1.6 million products from these, WWB lists over 15 million products.

With Doba, you deal directly with Doba, so you cannot compare the number of suppliers. But Worldwide Brands does have the largest directory of products of all the directories I’ve reviewed.

What’s better — Worldwide Brands or Salehoo?

Salehoo is a very good directory with s similar number (about 8,000) verified wholesalers and drops shippers listed. The advantages that WWB has over sale hoo are that whole salehoo lists about 1.6 million products from their suppliers on the site, World Wide Brands lists over 15 million — nearly ten times as many.

Worldwide Brands also guarantees that all their suppliers are legitimate, is the only directory certified by eBay and although the membership fee is initially much higher than Salehoo’s, in the long term it works out cheaper. Salehoo costs $67 every year you are a member while WWB costs $299 ($269 with this discount) for lifetime membership and has no additional fees.

I hoe you have found my worldwide brands review helpful, please leave a comment if you have any more questions though.

Please read my review above for a more comprehensive analysis of the Salehoo vs Worldwide Brands question.

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