The path is yours to choose…

…leading with the heart and truth or living life emotionally disconnected?

♡ Choose Life ♡

The path is yours to choose…to feel every single moment of your life — the absolute spine tingling, toe curling ecstasy of highs and of course the devastatingly gut wrenching agony of lows OR is it better to go through the stable ‘automatic pilot’ motions, numb and in a daze, day after day until the sun rises and sets no more but it’s simpler and less invasive, you do all the right things but with no feelings behind it and feel protected, keeping everyone and everything at arms length never exposing your true self.

If it’s spoken from the heart, it can only come from love, honour and respect, these words can be harsh but loving, painfully true and deliciously exciting.

If it’s spoken without emotion, it comes from the darkness inside you where you have locked up your heart, for the pain of feeling is too great for some.

The saying goes ‘the truth will set you free’ but we seem to lie to protect the innocent and in turn we in-prison them in our web as well as ourselves. The truth eventually always comes to the surface, and when it does brings with it so much more pain and hurt than ever could have been before because the trust is no longer there only to be replaced with the thoughts that we are always being deceived and walls begin to be built that will take years and years to break down again. This is how we protect ourselves, this is how we become emotionally disconnected.

We also lie to protect the guilty, because admitting they are in the wrong could in turn mean that we have failed somehow and so we blame others rather than taking responsibility for their actions and our own part in it. We cover up at whatever cost, so that others will think that we are normal.

The truth is only for those that want to hear it, those who don’t will walk away leaving a trail of heartache and tears behind them and choosing to forever walk in the shadows rather than work harder and to stay in the light and lead with their heart.

Everybody’s perception of the truth has a varying degree of difference to it so how could there possibly ever only one truth? Nobody is fact ever right, nobody is ever wrong either. We all just see the world through our own eyes and judge with hearts that all feel different things, want different things and need different things, no two people are the same….no matter how hard we try to make ourselves like someone else.

If we just TRY to live each day as best we could, trying not to anger and worry, trying to show kindness and being grateful for what we already have and trying to go about our daily lives the most honest way we know how, if we could ALL live this way, heaven would not be something we seek but something that we already had, and it would have been there for us the whole time, within our reach? Impossible? My human nature says yes but I’m still full of hope we could all live like this. Of course, the path is indeed yours to choose…

~Essentially Tennille ✨🙏✨

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