Getting creative and connecting to Source

We are creator beings.

When we create, we are truly connected to Source…the beginning and end of everything that is and ever will be…the everyone and everything in existence or yet to come…the ‘I AM’ and ‘WE…

Something that came to me yesterday…

We all seem to be scurrying here and there with places to go and set times to be there. We are forgetting to take a breath and we are becoming more forgetful in general, wondering why our minds are so foggy and the simplest things are becoming unachievable. Then in…

Finding the answers along the way…

“Trust the process” is my daily message I hear at the moment as so many changes are evolving for me in this Master 11/2 Universal Year of 2018.

Anxiety effects even the strongest of us and not having control can be so intimidating. Through breath work, meditation and gratitude we…

We can use our mouths to bring blessings and curses…words carry intent.

Silence isn’t weak, it’s a way of retaining your calm in moments that you may say something you could regret.

It’s a strength that can be worked on to stay in a higher energy and not be dragged into a negative space.

It’s a way of maintaining the balance in a moment…

Apparently your have not experienced Motherhood until you have had worms invade your children….according to many posts in the World Wide Web I wish I never read.

My 3 year old son loves to dig in dirt, play in public play areas in shopping centres and doesn’t like his fingernails being cut which is a red flag for a lot of the points made by searching and reading about thread worms.

My other two sons who are…

…2018 is time to shine our light and lead with love.

Thinking back over 2017 and what was my biggest lessons I would have to say that Number 1 would be you can’t change other people. You only work on yourself and in doing so, that can have the ripple effect that people see the improvements in your life and begin…

I am what I am,

This is who I am and that’s who you are,

Do not try to change me,

I can’t be who you want me to be,

I can only shine being the authentic me that I am,

You can only live in truth and really begin to live and love when you become you and not try to be me,

Let’s be us together as one but also as individuals,

There is no two things the same in the Universe,

This is beautiful and real just as you and I are,

Just as the divine intended us to be.

…leading with the heart and truth or living life emotionally disconnected?

♡ Choose Life ♡

The path is yours to choose…to feel every single moment of your life — the absolute spine tingling, toe curling ecstasy of highs and of course the devastatingly gut wrenching agony of lows OR is it better to go through the stable ‘automatic pilot’ motions, numb and in a daze…

Tennille Lindsay

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