Dealing with my ex.

He’s here, sitting there in the chair with a head on him. Like he knows something is up but is far too stupid to see what. Or to even comprehend.

You see, I have him at his own game this time. He’s come to ‘see the kids’ and has spent his time moaning about his life or staring at his phone. But what he doesn’t know, is that I know. I know what he’s been doing.

He was supposed to be trying to rebuild the relationship. The one he destroyed by cheating on me with my niece, twice!

It’s been over months, I still cared, didn’t want anything bad to happen to him and continued to be pleasant and friendly and even managed to summon THOSE THREE WORDS because he really needed to hear it at the time.

All he had to do was win back my trust. And now I have the screenshots of his conversation between him and a friend of mine who is 17, he’s 30. Him thinking that this girl wasn’t going to tell me, please I was on the phone with her when you were texting her. It was the first thing she did, call me. The things he said were disgusting, especially to someone who isn’t even four years older than his former step daughter. It’s gross. He told her himself he’s wanted her since he met her, she was 15 then. 15.

So tonight I get my revenge, I’m going to crush his world like he crushed mine, and I’m going to wear a big ass smile while I do it.

No deserves to be lied to, cheated on or treated like crap. And nobody should ever put up with it.

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