I feel like I’ve let my family down today. We were supposed to be moving to a house that everyone would have a bedroom to sleep in, currently it’s very squashed.

A two bedroom apartment does not house a family of four. There really just isn’t enough space.

So I started looking for somewhere bigger. Had some great viewings with great responses from the landlord.

It’s tough out there though. Every one is looking. You’d need some leprechaun gold and a machete to get rid of the competition!

But last week, Noreen called. All she needed from me was a character reference in absence of a work one. I got one. A great one. From an old friend who grew up to be a successful politician.

She was happy to rent it to me. I had it. That’s what it sounded like to me anyway. Just a formality. Just some paperwork. So I threw myself into pulling together the better part of two thousand euro for the deposit and first month.

So on Tuesday gone I decided to hand in my notice to my landlord. Due to leave the fourth of July.

As I was writing the text to ask him to call me, I got an email. Noreen was looking for the character reference, I had it, fully prepared. Confident. Until I kept reading, it went on to say there was another party who had already submitted all their paperwork. So she needed mine to make a final decision on the house.

No notice was handed in that day.

Myself and Noreen were supposed to be meeting this weekend. I had told her I would have a deposit with me so that she wasn’t out of pocket waiting for my moving date, and so that she knew I was fully committed to going forward.

It’s Friday now.

I emailed her this morning. To ‘touch base’ and check which day was the best for her over the weekend to meet.

It didn’t take her long to reply.

Offered to the other party.

Terribly sorry.

Leaving your details with the person who showed me the house as he is part of some neighbourhood organisation and he would be happy to refer me for any upcoming houses.


I seen it coming though.

I knew from the minute the email came through while I was texting my landlord.

I said as much to some friends and mum, tried to think positive. Kept going, as much as I could, with organising the chaos.

But I knew.

I must have a guardian angel keeping an eye on me.

If that email hadn’t been sent just then, I would have handed in my notice and would now be looking at being homeless in less than two weeks. Every cloud!

So, back to the drawing board. Back to searching through daft most of the day. Emailing, calling, viewing, hoping and praying to get a break.

Hoping for better for my 3.

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