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jon smith
jon smith
Dec 23, 2019 · 6 min read

Yeah, I’m the real deal

#Pynk AI is at DEFI (decentralised finance) unicorn startup based in London, England.

The concept behind #Pynk, is to use the intelligence of the crowd to help better predict future outcomes in the financial markets.

Pynk does this by harnessing the power of 10,000 predictors, based in over 180 countries .

The Pynk team has been pro-active over the last 12 months by competing in incubator start-ups all over the world. The team has managed to win the majority of the competitions, which only goes to show the #Pynk platform has global potential.

The interest amongst,VC and institutional investors is high, this is a unicorn company that has global ambitions with real-world use case applications for millions of people globally .

It’s not cricket

Over the last 60 years we have seen financial institutions abuse their trust by providing services aimed at extracting profit by encouraging borrowers to take on financially toxic loans on their properties. The banks with their predatory activities have one sole purpose; the extraction of profit from incomes and savings. The borrower is provided financial products that are designed to fail as wealth preservation vehicles. The banks in their greed, set up a slow ticking, time bomb that routinely explodes every 8–12 year’s; the most recent being. the Leemans shock in 2007–2008.

If one considers that the average mortgage duration is between 25 to 50 years now, and the banks are incentivizing savers to take on even bigger loans at 0% with delayed interest payments lasting 2–5 years. The nature of the loans are aimed at crippling borrows (in the same way a drug dealer might give free hits to a punter) with the 2–4 percent added ; borrowers find that they are ultimately stuck in a generational, cycle of debt.

The current activity in the disruptive world of Technology is Fintech (Financial Technology), and as a consequence of a failing financial system, a small group of entrepreneurs, and tech-savvy IT computer engineers got together to provide a decentralized groundbreaking product for the masses, and that is #Pynk.

What is Pynk about?

Pynk’s aim is to be disruptive, and it does this by not having one central point of failure. DEFI (decentralized finance) is the structure it uses to build its ecosystem. This concept of decentralised finance in the next 6–18 month will be as ubiquitous as the internet at the beginning of the millennium, and bitcoin and blockchain during 2017/2018, where we saw bitcoin and crypto currencies, boom and bust as the concept of digital money and its implementation became an over hyped bubble.

However, unlike crypto currencies extremely volatile nature, Pynk aims to bridge the two main fundamental core principles of the advent of crypto currency and bitcoin in its; decentralized manner and peer to peer, ecosystem; to create a stable platform that predicts volatility of markets to benefit its community and institutional customers.

Pynk is an inclusive product that aims to provide its services to all demographics without judging individuals financial. sophistication or social status at no cost other than time. This has been demonstrated during the beta phase of pinks wealth management program; the dapp in beta.

Pynk is a UK registered company and therefore, adheres to the FCA regulations on KYC(know your customer), and AML( Anti Money Laundering) regulations apply to all new users.

Oh, to be a Pynkster

On a daily basis ‘Pynksters’ as they are fondly known within the Pynk ecosystem, make predictions on various asset classes like gold, NASDAQ and bitcoin. Each predictor (of which is capped at 10,000 as of writing), is rewarded regardless of whether or not he/she makes a correct predictions or completes tasks for the ecosystem.

Community points and Wisdom points

CP points, are community points that are gained by signing in every day to the beta app and completing various SNS and predicting tasks on the app platform. Each member of the community who completes the tasks Is then rewarded with WPs (Wisdom points) on completion of each task, the WP’s are at the end of each task deposited into the account of each Pynksters and at the end of each quarter where these WP points are converted into shares that represent the value of #Pynk AI, Ltd.

As a DEFI (decentralise finance) project, Pynk has said its sights high; there is no doubt that pink aims to be a global player within the personal wealth management arena…As of writing there are a few products on the market that provides a similar services to their customers i.e #Revolt, but this app fails to engage the user by rewarding them for their activity .

Pynk has an obligation to provide not only a platform for wealth management but an educational platform that will provide long-term financial growth for individuals and generations to come.

In the future pink hopes to have a cluster of financial experts trained on the Pynk platform that have their own teams. predicting various financial events and global events for the AI data mining to provide timely information for institutions. (who will pay for services) on the #Pynk AI platform, as a way of best managing their portfolios and funds to gain advantage over their competitors.

In time (According to the White Paper) Pynk AI. will encompass all of the traditional aspects of a Financial institution or bank but with the added benefit of control and participation by the community in the decisions that have to be made by the Pynk team.

A seismic shift

Escaping the cabal

In conclusion, as we come to the end of what will no doubt, be referred to as ‘The decade of crypto currency and blockchain technology’, we see the collapse of a system that has no relevance to individuals and their wealth preservation for the future… Period.

We are at the cusps of what will be a seismic shift, from the west to east in wealth,values and expectations for the next 30 years. In such an environment we see signs of stress, currently. manifesting in all sectors of society. On the face of it, state’s, governments, and their agents the media paint a cautionary picture, but on closer observations. society will encounter long term beneficial outcomes which will allow new technologies to emerge from the ruins of the old system, like a Phoenix from the ashes, and grow, whilst empowering , communities,villages, the vulnerable, the poor, and the disenfranchised. In the transformation all sectors of society who rise up to the challenge will fulfill their potential and achieve financial freedom.

Participate, by signing up to the Pynk.AI beta platform, if you want to be a part of this disruptive project.

I personally believe Pynk will be at the forefront of this new revolution.






“The future is now”.

jon smith

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jon smith

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