[WP] January 14, 2016

I can still remember earth. I can still remember being alive. But more vividly than that I can remember when I died. Well, when my life was taken from me.

Getting murdered has a way of sticking in your mind. I’m not sure about all the ins and outs, but I can confirm that in Heaven you do retain your memory.

I can remember the man’s face vividly. It’s one of the last things I remember. But ultimately it’s the pain that I remember last. The dark, overwhelming, final pain. After his face was seared into my memory I closed my eyes and knew that this would be the end.

Of course you assume that getting stabbed a few times would be painful, but the experience has to be experience to fully appreciate the immense pain. Death was quite welcome after a few minutes of that pain.

The rest happened very quickly. It was dark, and then suddenly I was aware again of my surroundings. There was a short briefing with some general information about Heaven given by a very amiable welcoming party. But most of the information seems to have been downloaded directly into my mind. I felt entirely comfortable in my new home.

We are free to wander around. I love wandering around. It’s so beautiful. It’s perfectly tailored to my preferences, it’s sheer happiness in a way I can’t even fully articulate. I believe we’re either brainwashed to all prefer the same thing, or more likely, our experience of Heaven has been personally tailored to our preferences. Regardless of how it’s accomplished, it’s very pleasant.

I have to admit there was some uncertainty while I was still alive. I wasn’t sure that I would make it to Heaven. The rules seemed a bit vague and I wasn’t perfect. But I had firmly subscribed to “Pascal’s Wager” and that seems to have paid off.

It’s strange being able to walk for as long as you want and not get tired. I don’t get hungry or thirsty, though I full enjoy anything I consume. The daylight exists until I want to go to sleep and then the sun sets and the night exists until I feel like waking up.

Today I’m going to explore a new area of Heaven, I haven’t made it this far yet, but I feel like a good walk today.

I greeted the people I passed on my way, initially it was all people who I had seen around, but as I got further away from where I spend most of my time, the faces became less familiar.

I started greeting more and more strangers. People are so friendly in Heaven!

But then I saw someone that I recognized, it wasn’t a face I had seen in Heaven before, it was a memory from earth.

In the second it took me to locate that memory in my mind I doubled over. I hadn’t felt pain since being here in Heaven, but suddenly the stab wounds hurt again. I looked up from where I was bent over and saw it clearly. It was him. It was the guy that had killed me.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I muttered, looking up at him.

He looked down at me and smiled.

“A lot of time has passed since I killed you. I did some reading and made some changes while I was in prison.

It turns out it’s never too late to turn your life around.

Have you ever heard of Pascal’s Wager?”

“Shortly after arriving in Heaven after being brutally murdered, you bump into your killer.”