Ride a Bus This Summer

The best way to get somewhere this summer is the bus. Everyone’s doing it, everyone’s loving it and by golly, why should you be left out of the fun?? Frankly, you shouldn’t! A bus ticket costs like $1.25 and folks, you might say it’s your ticket to… the world.

In all seriousness, ride a bus this summer! And I don’t mean some gaudy tour bus, all abstract design seat covers and old ladies squinting through their leashed glasses at Le Chateau de Marseilles-sur-Bratwurst. A proper city bus with its creaky hinges and slack, swinging “Stop Requested!” cords that’ll take you to the zoo for cheap. Honestly, there’s no better way to experience a city and its people than to plop down on a bus and watch the world go by. Just by dint of sitting next to your fellow man and having to look each block in the face as the bus idols for 15 seconds at the light, you’ll understand everything ten times more than if you were sitting in your Ivory Toureg, looking down at your nav screen or fiddling with the radio presets.

As a Modern And Optimized Man, I’ve min/maxed my daily routine and folks, that means I ride that bus. Once I was lost and sad and I drove to work, all one point five miles of commute. Such a stupid decision was finally rectified when I climbed those grimy steps and made a pact with my city that I would be there for it at least three days a week and I would maybe drive the other two because I woke up late or something.

But seriously, riding the bus has never been easier! Just bring a couple bucks and change with you, step on comfortably and feed your money in the machine. Grab your ticket, head to the nearest open seat and just relax, man. Sure, you’ll get to the American Swedish Institute Museum a little later than you would if you drove but on the way, the trip is a feast for your senses! Even if you don’t have the latest Comedy Bang Bang downloaded, you can smell the perfume from the lady two rows in front of you or eye the guy standing in the row who has “DAFT PUNK” spelled out in studded magnets on his denim jacket. You think you can get that on your computer screen? No sir!!!

This is real life, my friends, and you can only get it if you ride. the. bus.

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