AERGO’s New concept

AERGO represents a platform with key functions and concepts, namely SQL, reactive and isomorphic programming, as these technologies are familiar to full-stack developers. Thus, the blockchain created for systematic branching and merging, is ready to form the development platform of AERGO, which makes it possible to appeal to all developers and encourage joint work. The new software package SAM (SQL, AERGO and Meteor) allows developers to freely create and deploy dApps applications on the AERGO platform.

Technical Foundation of AERGO

AERGO’s core technology is based on advanced open source technologies and COINSTACK from Blocko Inc., a leading blockchain technology and enterprise IT integration-services company — with operations in the UK, South Korea and Hong Kong.

The AERGO token is required to perform various functions. In a broad sense, it is intended for exchange in the AERGO ecosystem. The tokens will be used to grant the owner rights to certain services available in the AERGO ecosystem, in particular:
Launch of a smart contract (AERGOSQL);
DPOS operation;
Technical support for Blocko on Coinstack 4.0;
ARGO HUB services;
Acquisition of AERGO domains