Friday Estimate
Nicole Dieker

Had a very hectic and social week, so I’m hoping for a relaxing weekend even though I should technically go to NY for my best friend’s 30th birthday (opting out, since Amtrak tickets are $180 and I can’t do buses anymore and I’m just tired). So! I’ll send her flowers instead ($65?). Tonight we might get takeout and play ‘Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective’ ($25). Tomorrow I’ll probably buy coffee ($5) and then I have a pre-paid vinyasa workshop in the afternoon and then another good friend’s birthday ($25 gift + $15 booze to bring over). Sunday maybe we’ll go out to brunch ($30) and maybe hang out at the pool because it’ll be grossly hot out and maaaybe I’ll get some work done. Total: $165, but I’ll say $180 to be safe.