Take up a residency with us

Be our food & drinks partner — on our ground floor

We’re thrilled to announce that we have our next residency open, for a food & drinks partner to join us in a prime location on Newcastle’s quayside.

The space

46 Sandhill

Our resident partner will take prime location front, right of the store. With three large windows overlooking the (extra wide) pavement and busy road outside.

The space on offer is approximately 4x4 metres squared, and is designed to work alongside, and support the shop.

We run a very relaxed atmosphere, and want to encourage customers to enjoy the space and feel like they can stay a while.


You will run just like a pop-up within W&W. You staff your own business, and run it just as you wish.

We’d prefer you to take full advantage of our opening hours, so our offering to customers stays consistent — and your profits as high as they can be.

Our current hours are: Monday 10am-8pm, Tuesday Closed, Wednesday 10am-8pm, Thursday 10am-8pm, Friday-Sunday 10am-6pm

Earlier morning hours can be discussed, if preferred.

To support our own aspirations of ‘celebrating the who behind the what’ — everything you see in W&W can be purchased. For this reason, we will supply tables, chairs, and stools for our joint customers to take full advantage of.

Supplied furniture will include pieces from the CABLE range, by Anthony Hartley.

All we ask is that you bring your own equipment, and passion. We can work together on creating a temporary bar/serving area that suits you.

Our last short-term residents’ setup looked like this:

Regarding food offering, we‘d like our partner to keep this simple and offer cold plates/snacks only. We can’t offer any extraction, and want to keep smells to a minimum due to being alongside us in a retail environment☺

We can offer a small sink/prep area and storage space located under the stairs (as illustrated on the plan above).

Location, footfall & surrounding businesses

Being in the conservation area of the quayside — we have a different footfall to that of the typical retail areas of Northumberland Street or the like.

Our main footfall is tourists and visitors to the city, thanks to the many hotels that surround us (and the natural pull to the bridges). This is followed by many a local who ‘pass us everyday on their way to work’, ‘saw us on a night out’ or who have read about us, or follow our social channels.

We feel that we are yet to grab the attention of the surrounding offices and businesses however, and feel this is where your key revenue, and your daily visits lie.

Being right opposite the Swing Bridge —we’re in perfect view of cars and footfall crossing to and from Gateshead. We also capture (and are working on improving footfall from) the Quayside Sunday market.

With regard to other coffee/tea and snack offerings in the area — businesses of note include: (our friends at) Quay Ingredient, The Great British Cupcakery, Greggs, Quayside Deli, and Great Coffee. All of these do very well, so it’s simply a case of getting the word out, and attracting similar footfall.

We believe that a partner who specialises in coffee or tea, would do particularly well.

Cost & Length of term

There are three options of W&W Residency:

  1. Six months £330 per month (+ free rent for your first month)
  2. One year £300 per month (+ free rent for your first two months)
  3. Two years £300 per month (+ free rent for your first and final two months)

Includes: Electricity (inc. a 3-pin commando plug), water, wifi, general marketing and promotion.

Availability: Immediate.

Extensions of residencies will of course be considered, however no further free rental periods would be offered. Rent to be paid at the beginning of the month.

Further opportunities

We have many further opportunities for our chosen partner, as we continue to renovate and extend our offering at W&W.

The primary opportunity lies in catering for events.

With continuous events being booked in, by the general public, our own designers, universities, and the design industry — we’re looking for a partner who would look to support these, and work with us to offer event packages.

We have two outside spaces, at the rear of the property (1st and 2nd floor levels) that are to be renovated and opened to the public also. We’re very keen to get people using these spaces, and enjoying the view of 16th Century Bessie Surtees House next door (not open to the public, or able to be seen from anywhere else).

The other is local businesses. We’d suggest offering ‘coffee runs’ out to them, and encouraging relationships. It’s pretty well said that there is “no good coffee on the quayside” — let’s turn this around.

We hope this to be a very lucrative opportunity for you.

Contact us

To talk more, and organise a visit — please contact Naomi Atkinson on naomi@whositandwhatsit.com

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